Why You Should Start a Blog Today

Oct 3, 2015 | 6 comments

Over the last few weeks it seems as though blogging has come up in just about every conversation I have had with people. It comes up with my family, with my co-workers, with my friends, even with strangers. It’s inevitable that someone asks about what I do and after I try (often, in vain) to explain what technical writing is, I end up talking about my blog. Then I say this,

You should start your own blog!

Have you ever thought of starting a blog? It's a great idea and this is why you should do it! Go ahead. Get started. You'll love blogging!

There’s always a moment of incredulousness. No one can ever believe I just uttered those words. There is always this stunned look of, “Me? You think I should start a blog?” which is always followed by a look of self-doubt. I can see the gears working and I know they are thinking, “I have nothing to say. What would I blog about? Who would read it? I have nothing to share with the world.”   That is where they are wrong and if you’re saying the same things to yourself then you’re wrong too.  You do have a voice.

You have a beautiful God-given voice!

God wants you to share your voice with the world.  Now, maybe you’re saying, “But I don’t believe in God” and to that I say, “That doesn’t matter.” Whether you believe as I believe about God the truth of the matter is that you do have a unique voice because you have lived a life that no other person has lived exactly as you have. You have unique experiences. You have a unique perspective. You have unique gifts, talents, ideas, etc and you should share them.  If you do believe as I believe about God then know that He created you and He desires for you to share your life, and your testimony of faith, with the world.

What better way to share your testimony of faith than a blog?

A few years ago my husband took a class, a deep study of the Old Testament, and there was an interesting discussion about Paul (formerly Saul). One of the topics of discussion was how vocal he was about sharing his message. He used every avenue he could think of to share the message of Christ and to save souls. The question was, “If Paul lived today, how would he share his message?”  I believe Paul would have a blog.  I believe Paul would have more than a blog but do I think that he’d be blogging, daily, of his love for God and sharing the good news to bring others to salvation? Absolutely! That was his voice. That was his testimony. That was his message.

What’s your message?

What has God put on your heart to share with the world? What did He create in you that’s unique? What message does He want you to share?  It’s in you. You ARE special. You DO have a message. You WILL build an audience.  Need help?

Now, get out there and get started! Find your message and share it. I know we’d all love to read it.