Why I Finally Signed Up for Stitch Fix

After months and months, this is why I finally signed up for Stitch Fix, the fashion forward subscription service.

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Last night I finally did it – I signed up for Stitch Fix.

I’ve been hearing (and reading) a lot about it lately but I couldn’t really figure out what it was, how it would benefit me and if it is worth it. I could have linked over and checked them out but I never did. I just flipped by the posts and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to them; at least, not until last night. Last night I figured it was finally time to look them up and figure out what Stitch Fix is really all about and I’m going to share what I’ve learned with all of you.

What is Stitch Fix?

They are an online fashion retailer that assigns a personal stylist to you once you register. That person browses through your style profile and handpicks 5 items and accessories based upon your profile then ships them to you. You then go through your shipment, check out the items, buy what you like and return the rest. Easy peasy, right?

What I love the best about them is that they ship the items directly to me and I can try the items on at home along with everything else that’s already in my closet. I can try the stuff on with my shoes, my handbags, my current wardrobe. I can also try the items on for my husband and get an opinion. I can take photos and tweet or instagram them for public opinion and keep them for three days before I have to decide to either send them back or keep them. Plus, I don’t have to spend the time sorting through the stores only to feel the endless frustration that comes with shopping.

How does Stitch Fix Benefit Me?

I love the fact that someone with way more fashion sense than myself is the one shopping for me. When you fill out your style profile you put in your height, weight, typical sizes, and all of the other standard info but then they go way beyond that. They ask you what length, style and rise of jeans you like and if you like your pants to fit tight, straight or loose. They ask you to characterize your proportions and if you’d be interested in petite clothing. I answered YES because I’m short but then they surprised me when they asked me to identify what kind of petite clothing I wanted. Since I’m petite on bottom but not on top I didn’t select petite tops but I did select petite pants, dresses and skirts.

Then they ask you to rate different clothing collections. This is one of the collections they gave me to choose from:

Stitch Fix 2

I said I liked it although I actually like only a few things in it. I like the plaid scarf, all the shoes, the pearls and the red jeans but the rest of it isn’t really “me”, you know?

Then they showed me this collection and I liked it.

Stitch Fix 1

I don’t love all of it because those stilettos on the far right side, as cute as they are, I’d never wear them. Atlanta is a walking city, especially my neighborhood, so I’m like, “NO” as soon as I saw them but I do love the gray dress and I think that outfit in the middle is really, really cute. I love the lace shorts and the sparkly purse. It’s definitely not everyday wear but it’s weekend or date night wear.

They show you about 5 or 6 collections to choose from and some are super casual weekend wear so no matter what your style is they have a collection you’re going to like.

I like that a stylist is sorting through stuff for me and sending it my way for me to check out. It keeps me on trend and takes away the stress of having to figure it all out for myself. Every month is just shows up at my door and I can play dress-up.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

I don’t know yet but I’m about to find out. You can schedule the frequency of your shipments and they charge you $20 for each shipment but if you buy something they credit that $20 toward your item so it’s not like you have to pay $20 for the shipment and pay full price for the item. It’s all credited toward your new wardrobe so that’s a good deal to me. Plus, $20 for a stylist is pretty awesome. You can also put your items on hold if you want to so you don’t have to pay the $20 each month if you can’t or if you want to take a break.

It seems like it will push me outside of my fashion comfort zone and I’m a big fan of pushing our personal boundaries and trying new things. One of my goals for this year was to take bigger risks and push myself outside of my comfort zone a bit more frequently so this seems to stay in line with that.

Plus…and this was a big perk for me!  They let you link to a Pinterest board for fashion inspiration for your assigned stylist. Oh YES! I’m so down with that!  You see, I already have a Fashion & Style Board where I pin the fashion that I like and I love that they use my pins for reference. It just proves to me that they care about designing for me rather than just sending me stuff.

I really encourage you to check them out for yourself and let me know what you think. You can set price points for your items (for example: I don’t want to spend more than $50 on accessories or more than $100 on dresses) and you can tell them that you like to keep your arms and midriff covered up but you love to show off your gorgeous legs and they will take that all into account.

You can head over and take the style quiz to determine your profile before scheduling your first shipment and it’s all free. You aren’t charged anything to take the quiz and set up a profile and, if you do decide to set up a shipment it’s only $20 when it’s shipped.

Go check it out and let me know what you think. I was really impressed.

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl
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