Why I Didn’t Comment on Your Blog Post

Jun 10, 2015 | 24 comments

Over the last few weeks I’ve been scoping out new blogs on BlogLovin’, following new bloggers on Twitter, and I joined a couple of new blogging groups on Facebook. I love the bloggers I was already following but I like to expand my reading scope now and then. It’s fun to reach out and make new contacts in the blogosphere. I’ve found a few I really, really love but, for one reason or another, I haven’t commented on all of them. It leaves me feeling pretty bummed but what’s a girl to do? Sometimes I’ll reach out on Twitter or Facebook instead and reply there but most of the time I just read and move on.

Why I Didn't Comment on Your Blog Post

So, why didn’t I comment?

Here are my top 6 reasons:

You Use Disqus

Listen, I love Disqus as much as the next blogger. It’s super awesome at catching spam and it’s pretty. You almost always know who is commenting and it’s great at notifying people that you responded. The perks go on for days! My issue with it? It sucks when I’m mobile. Sometimes, even on a strong wi-fi signal, the Disqus box doesn’t load which means that I’m stuck just watching the little wheel spin around where the comments box should be. I’m on the iPhone 6 Plus, I shouldn’t have this problem, but I do. I may try to reload the post once but if Disqus still doesn’t open then I don’t stress over it. Disqus is awesome, but not when I’m on the go (which is often).

Your Blogspot Comment Box Doesn’t Let Me

If you’re on Blogger (Blogspot) and you’re using the default comment box your restrictions may prohibit me from commenting. I hate that comment box! It always asks me to use my Google account but I don’t have a profile associated with my personal e-mail (only my blog e-mail) and I don’t use any of the other networks in that box. Unless the Name/URL option is available I can’t comment. I know I could create an account on one of the allowed networks but honestly, it’s too much effort and I have enough accounts to keep track of already.

You Didn’t Prompt Me

I know this is a lazy excuse but it’s the truth. If you didn’t ask me a question, ask for feedback, or otherwise tell me what to do at the end of your post then I’m likely to just read and move along. Encourage me to say something! Ask me a question. Tell me to let you know what I thought of your tips / recipe / outfit / etc. Give me a reason to comment and I will (provided that I can).

You Use Captcha

Enough said. I hate it and I won’t fill it out.

You Didn’t Reply to Other Comments

If I’m late to the party (which I often am) and I see comments from 3 – 4 days ago (or older) and you haven’t replied I’m not likely to bother commenting either. It looks like you’re not engaged with your readers and it makes me wonder if you even read the comments people have left for you. If the impression is that you don’t engage with your readers I’m not going to attempt to engage with you.

You Haven’t Replied to My Previous Comments

It really bothers me when I visit a blogger, leave a comment, and never hear a reply. If I’ve commented two or three times in the past and never received a response from you I’m going to stop commenting. I’ll probably keep reading but I’m not going to bother writing to you if you don’t take the time to write back.

Let’s Talk…

  • What about you? What stops you from commenting on a blog post?