Where we Splurged at Magic Kingdom

My husband is an over-shopper when it comes to our niece. He loves buying her gifts and he can’t (or won’t) tell her no. When we were at Disney’s Magic Kingdom all she had to do was say, “Uncle Brandon, I want this” and he bought it. I even joked about it on Instagram with this picture of him waiting in line to buy an Elsa doll and a Rapunzel doll. He justified it by saying it was her birthday but honestly, he would have shopped for her even if it wasn’t her birthday. I tease him but I don’t really mind. I’m happy that my husband loves his niece so much. 

My husband shopping for our niece at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Besides, how could I possibly expect him to tell her no to an Elsa doll after we witnessed this special moment between girl and princess? My niece meeting Elsa was basically THE moment that we all traveled to Orlando to see. She was so captivated by her.

The woman who played Elsa kept asking her questions or encouraging her to raise her hand in that ice princess pose but she just stared at her, bashful and in total awe. She just couldn’t believe that she was really truly meeting Elsa in person! It was too adorable

Meeting Elsa at Disney's Magic Kingdom

So while we don’t normally splurge when we travel nor do we fall victim to needing “souvenirs” we did splurge a bit on this trip. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Where we splurged at Disney’s Magic Kingdom…

Christmas Ornaments

My husband and I buy a new Christmas ornament every year that captures the year that is drawing to an end. My sister buys a new ornament every time they go on a family vacation. This year we combined the traditions and each bought a new ornament for our tree when Christmas arrives in 6 months. We discovered that we both decorate our trees in the same colors (red/green/silver/gold) and I bought this beautiful silver Mickey Mouse ears ornament. I can’t wait to hang it on the tree, a reminder of our first family trip to Magic Kingdom. 

Christmas ornament from the Magic Kingdom

Frozen Snowglobe

This was one of those, “Uncle Brandon, I want this.” moments. We all know how snow globes are. They are enchanting when you see them but within a day or two it’s like, “Oh, this thing?” and it’s on a shelf to be lost forever. Still, she’s 3 and she wanted it so Uncle Brandon bought it for her. It has a castle, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf in it so at least we know it’s based on something she really loves.

Rapunzel and Elsa Dolls

Again, we couldn’t resist.

She is really in to Barbies and dolls right now and since these were Barbie-doll size she thought they all went together. I suppose right now Elsa and Rapunzel are ruling over all of Barbie world. She went SO crazy when she opened those dolls. I’m not even ashamed to admit it, there were tears in my eyes.

My niece opening her new Elsa doll

Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet

This little one loves her a little Minnie Mouse! She wore Minnie Mouse ears and a Minnie Mouse-themed dress at the Rainforest Cafe for her birthday dinner. She wore a Minnie Mouse hat at the Magic Kingdom. Minnie Mouse was the very first character she met at the park. For Christmas last year we bought her a Minnie Mouse-themed raincoat and rainboots. It’s an intense relationship.

We didn’t even know what Pillow Pet’s were (How would we? We don’t have kids of our own) but we asked my brother-in-law and he explained what it was. When my husband asked, “Would she like this?” and he said, “Definitely” it was in our shopping back in less than a second.

I’m not big on sharing a child’s entire face on blogs and, unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the Pillow Pet that doesn’t show my niece’s whole face but this is her expression when she opened it. I know it’s her face but it’s not a full-frontal face shot. 

My niece opening her Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet from the Magic Kingdom


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