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Happy Weekend! I am so glad this week is over! It’s been insane. We were trying to settle in after moving and, just when it felt like things were settling down, we hit a deer on the interstate. We were heading north on I-77 when the suicidal bastard jumped out of the valley in the median and right into the middle of our lane. We didn’t stand a chance. We ended up hitting his rear haunch with the front passenger side near the headlight. He fell to the road but got up and bounded away like nothing happened. Our car? Not so much. There was no blood or anything but we do have a cracked radiator and cosmetic damage to the front end. It’s at the body shop now waiting to be repaired. It’s a frustrating experience but we are trying to count our blessings and be grateful that no one was seriously injured and that the deer didn’t die.

The officer that responded to the scene to take the police report recommended we buy a Save a Deer car whistle so I ordered one for our car and two for my parents. I told my Dad I ordered them and he told me that my uncle hit a deer a long time ago and installed a whistle just after that. My uncle later said, “I don’t know if it works or not but I haven’t hit a deer in 15 years!” I’m going to take my chances because I’d love to never hit another deer ever again. If you have any tips for driving around mountains + wildlife, I’d love to hear them!

Weekend Links

1 // This post about being comfortable with your blog from Very Erin was really timely for me. My blog traffic is so inconsistent and it can easily weigh me down but Erin has great insight to encourage us when we’re feeling down.

2 // Slow Your Home shared 50 ways to reduce your food waste and I love her tips! I know we trash more food than we should and I’m hoping to cut back on that now that I’m working from home and able to spend more deliberate time cooking and baking. 

3 // Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog shared organization tips for a beautiful pantry. Maybe this isn’t a big deal to some of you but this is the first time I’ve had a pantry in about 10 years so I’m crazy excited about it. It has a lot of stuff in it right now but it’s a total mess. 🙁 

4 // These photos and postcards from Nepal shared on Hand Luggage Only stole my heart! We are big supporters of Room to Read and it was a trip to Nepal that inspired John Wood to found the organization. Nepal has interested me ever since and those photos are gorgeous!

5 // Paper & Stitch shared a 10-minute tutorial for sewing your own apron. I’m a total sewing novice and am kind of clumsy with my hands but I want to try to learn to sew. Her tutorial seemed really easy and I think that maybe I can actually do that.

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