Weekend Links #8

I’m moving in less than a week! OMG. I know that I should get off the internet and, you know, be productive and whatnot but #blogs. I love reading them. The other day I actually said to my husband, “I wish there was something like Audible for Blogs. Like, I could just tune in and listen when I can’t read.” He reminded me of YouTube and Podcasts. I felt like an idiot. So, if you have any favorite youtubers or podcasts to recommend, I’d love to check them out. Drop ’em in the comments below! 

Weekend Links

1 // Allison Arnone shared this post about Tinkerbell and explains why bloggers are exactly like her. I laughed because…yep. Basically, if you don’t clap for us, we die. Lol.

2 // This video of a man with Parkinson’s disease trying cannabis treatment for the first time. It’s incredible and you should watch it. Also, yes, I support legalization and no, I won’t apologize for it.

3 // Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved to Write shared this post about giving ourselves (and others) grace even in the moments when you don’t really want to. You need to read it. Everyone needs to read it.

4 // Cookie + Kate shared a new quinoa broccoli slaw which I’m salivating over because, in case you didn’t know, I love broccoli. It’s basically one of my favorite foods (don’t judge me).

5 // My favorite milspouse Erica from Whimsical September shared a 3-ingredient strawberry shortcake that I am absolutely (probably) making this year for the 4th of July party in WV. 

6 // This laundry area inspiration from The Lettered Cottage caught my eye in my bloglovin’ feed because soon I’ll have a laundry room to decorate and I needed a little inspiration for it. I’m sure it won’t be this fabulous but I’ll do my best. 

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