Weekend Links #12

Weekend Links Volume 12 from Far Beyond Love

For this week’s weekend links I promised myself I was not going to share food. I realized that I seem to share a lot of recipes in these posts so this week I’m deliberately skipping over them. Instead, I want to focus on life. This past week my husband made a new commitment to trying to live in the moment. I know that for a lot of people that might elicit eye-rolls but you need to understand how big of a deal that is for someone that is chronically overwhelmed by anxiety and depression.

His anxiety forces his mind to focus on tomorrow, next week, 6 months from now, etc. so he’s always stressed over how every little decision today may or may not affect our lives in three years. I’m the kind of person that wants to live in the now but he’s always focused on the worst possible outcome that could maybe, possibly, happen in the future. That’s just what anxiety does to a person and it’s been a long road to try to calm him and rewire his brain to focus on only one moment, one day, and one goal at a time. We’re getting there. That’s why I wanted today’s weekend links to focus on that. I want to focus more on slow living, deliberate focus, and cherishing the moments as they come. This weekend Brandon and I packed up to head out to my parent’s mountain cabin. It’s a quiet retreat out in the middle of nowhere and perfect for quieting down and just being present with each other and the Lord. I’m hoping we both come back on Monday recharged and ready to go. 🙂

Weekend Links

1 // Style Miss Molly is sharing lessons the mountains taught her after she discovered her passion for hiking. We have felt many of the same things since moving to the mountains and it’s great insight for being present and enforcing mind over matter when facing obstacles.

2 // These 4 ways Fresh Exchange found wildness within routine is fabulous. Brandon is one of those people who thrives on a consistent and predictable routine. Me? Not so much. It’s one of the areas we’ve had to really compromise on but it’s working for us now. 

3 // I found this post sharing simple tricks to make new habits stick by The Private Life of a Girl and knew I had to share. I am the worst at sticking with new habits but this post encouraged me to set new goals and really commit to making them happen.

4 // Simple Capacity shared an interesting post about how people with anxiety might be hiding these 4 superpowers. I was fascinated by some of the research they shared and enjoyed the perspective it provides into people with anxiety disorder. 

5 // I found a list of apps and websites to help with meditation over on Just Being Brooklyn. Brandon has been really into meditation lately and it seems to help calm his anxiety and help him sleep. 


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