Weekend Links #10

Weekend Links Volume 10 on Far Beyond Love

Oddly, tonight I find myself at a loss for words. This feels like the first time in years where I’ve found myself staring at a cursor without a million things to say. I poured my heart out in a newsletter email the other day and now I feel empty, like there’s nothing left to give. It’s been an exhausting week. Not for any reason in particular, just a general feeling of fatigue and a lack of inspiration.

I simultaneously feel like I want to write for days on end without stopping and never picking up a keyboard again. Part of me wants to drink a couple cups of coffee and do #allthethings while the other part of me just wants to sleep 24-straight hours. I know I’ll sort my head out soon. Right now it just feels kind of foggy. I keep trying to remind myself that we’ve been through a lot lately with the move and the car accident. Maybe I do just need to step away for a day or two and let things relax. Either way, I plan to keep it low-key this weekend. I’m likely to binge on a little Amazon Prime (I recently dumped Netflix) and catch up on some movies I’ve missed. If you have any favorite movie recommendations, leave them for me in the comments below.  

Weekend Links

1 // This cherry watermelon frose from Sugar + Cloth sounds incredible! I’m hoping to try it out at our family’s 4th of July festivities this year. 

2 // Dishing up the Dirt (haha, love that name!) shared a new Za’atar Roasted Broccolini Salad with Sumac Tahini Sauce and I’m feeling kind of obsessed with it. I immediately bought all of the ingredients I need to make it and it’s on our menu for tonight!

3 // Brandon and I are kind of on a laundry kick these days as we sort out our new (huge) laundry room. I found these laundry tips from The Busy Budgeter on BlogLovin’ and plan to implement them asap.

4 //  This t-shirt I saw on Etsy cracked me up and became a summertime must-have for me. If anyone is curious, I’ll take it in a size L since they say it runs a bit small. 😉 

5 // This vegan mac + cheese from Cookie + Kate is going on our menu soon. Brandon doesn’t eat vegan 100% of the time but he has said he’d like to try to eat vegan when possible so I’m going to try this dish for him.

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