The WD My Cloud + App is Must-Have Technology

The WD My Cloud is one of my top pieces of must-have technology. The cloud storage is awesome and it's easy to access from my phone over wi-fi.

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The cords for electronics can be so overwhelming! When we were unloading things into our new place last week I wanted to cry over the boxes full of our electronics and all of the associated cords. There were HDMI cables all over the places and tons of power adapters and wires. I opened the boxes and just stared at my husband in disbelief. How (and why) we had accumulated so much electronic crap were questions I couldn’t get past. We sifted through the boxes trying to sort out what had to be hooked up immediately and what could wait a day or two. When I spotted my WD My Cloud in the box I grabbed it and instantly went to work setting it up. That thing is my technology lifesaver so obviously it was a top priority.

All of my files, images, fonts, graphics, etc. are backed up on to the WD My Cloud. I love it because I can put everything on it and then access the files from anywhere I have an internet connection. When I’m at home I’ll dump all of my photos from my phone and camera on the computer. I’ll edit then save them to the WD My Cloud. When I want a photo for Instagram later I can access the pictures through the My Cloud app.

It frees up a ton of storage space and I’m never without my images and files. Plus, the app is passcode protected so I don’t have to worry about anyone accessing the files without permission.

Using the WD My Cloud and App

I also use the WD My Cloud as an automatic backup for my laptop.

If you’ve been around FBL for long enough you may remember a year or so ago when I lost my entire blog and couldn’t restore it because I hadn’t backed it up. I know…I know. Anyway, lesson learned and I do an automatic backup of my blog and my laptop every night at 3am. Now I can rest easy knowing that if something crashes again I can get all of my files and content back. 

As soon as I connected it online and had everything hooked up I ran a new backup of my laptop and synced about 20 new pictures for Instagram with the app so I can access them from my phone. We eventually got around to setting up the Apple TV and other stuff but the WD My Cloud was definitely at the top of my list. It’s a must-have personal cloud I highly, highly recommend! It starts at a storage capacity of 3TB and goes up. You can check it out here.

Ashley LaMar
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  1. This sounds awesome! I do back up everything, but this seems like it might be a bit easier for me to use! I will for sure look into this!

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