Vacations on my ‘Bucket List’

Jul 21, 2015 | 6 comments

Now that I am settling in to my career and accruing a bit of vacation time I really want to get in to the habit of annual vacations with my husband. I really believe that annual vacations (even if it’s just a 2-day vacation) are important to our mental and emotional health. Since we’ve been together we haven’t really been able to take many vacations. There was always something standing in our way – a serious illness, surgery, job loss, relocation – but now that we’re stable I want to get back to traveling!

A co-worker of mine has been planning a trip to Italy and it’s really got me thinking about where my husband and I should go now that we’re able to do so. We sat down the other night and wrote down a few destinations. In no particular order, the 5 vacations on my travel bucket list that I’m currently eyeing are…


Niagara Falls

I have been to Niagara Falls before and it was gorgeous! I was only able to spend a day on that trip and I was a teenager. My husband has never been to the falls and I’d really love to go back and explore the falls with him. They are so beautiful and romantic, truly a site to see! The trip isn’t really all the expensive and it would be a great 3-4 day getaway.


London Bridge

My brother currently lives in London so a trip here is an absolutely MUST while we can take advantage of his hospitality for free room & board while we’re there. I want to see Kensington Palace, London Bridge, Big Ben, and the London Eye. I know my husband wants to explore another major city and sample a few British brews. If I was able to catch a glimpse of Prince William and Princess Kate I’d be crazy excited.



Maybe it was all my years in martial arts, maybe it’s the fact that I find asian features so beautiful, or maybe it’s my fascination with huge cities but Tokyo has always been on my travel list. When I first learned that it’s on my husband’s travel list too it immediately moved up on the travel priority list. It just seems like such a phenomenal beautiful place. I want to see everything the city has to offer and, ideally, venture out enough to see the Tokyo Imperial Palace.


St Thomas

Sometimes a vacation needs to be a vacation. It needs to be quiet, relaxing, peaceful and tranquil. When I think of that I think of islands and beach resorts. St. Thomas gives me all of the peaceful seaside tranquility that I need from a rejuvenating vacation with just enough history to satisfy a nerd like me. When I finally get to St. Thomas I want to explore Blackbeard’s castle then spend the rest of the week lounging by the sea.


Rome, Italy

Rome is essentially heaven to a history buff like myself. There is just so much to see and do in a place like that. Naturally, I want to see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon. I also want to visit the Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica. When my husband and I first married we debated between Rome and Athens because both cities were on our travel lists. With Greece facing so much trouble right now it moved down our list a little bit until they sort things out.

Are you looking to get away for a romantic trip soon? These are the places on our travel bucket list!

What’s on your travel bucket list? Are you planning any amazing vacations right now?