Why You Should Be Using Pin Doctor on BoardBooster

Why you should be using Pin Doctor by BoardBooster to clean up and grow your Pinterest following.

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I’ve been using BoardBooster to grow my Pinterest account and drive more traffic to my blog for over a year. I primarily used it for scheduling and looping pins. I stopped using it to schedule pins when I signed up for Tailwind and thought about dropping the service. In the end I figured it was worth the $5/month for the looping feature and access to some the maintenance tools. I recently used the Pin Doctor by BoardBooster to check and clean up a couple of my boards. It’s fabulous! If you’re not already using it, you need to check it out.

Running Pin Doctor is an additional charge beyond the $5 / month you pay for BoardBooster but it’s not expensive at all. It typically costs me about $1 – $3 per board but I don’t run it on more than 1 – 2 boards at a time.

What does Pin Doctor look for? Well, it audits the pins on the selected board and searches for:

  • Pins with missing links
  • Pins with broken links
  • Pins that link to suspicious websites
  • Pins with redirects
  • Pins that link to potentially irrelevant pages
  • Pins that link to extra slow websites
  • Pins based on images that are too small
  • Duplicate pins of the same image
  • Duplicate pins based on the same link

Remember, you need to have an account with BoardBooster to use it. If you already have an account with BoardBooster, this is how you run the Pin Doctor.

Running Pin Doctor by BoardBooster

If you want to give it a try, here’s how you do it:

1 // Select Pin Doctor from the Maintenance Tools drop-down menu.

How to run Pin Doctor from BoardBooster

2 // On the Pin Doctor page, choose to run it on either all of your boards or select individual boards. You can see from the screenshots below that it would cost me $83 to run all boards but only about $2.50 to run it on the board dedicated to my blog. If you choose boards, you can choose as many as you’d like by selecting the appropriate check box.

How to run Pin Doctor from BoardBooster

How to run Pin Doctor from BoardBooster

3 // Click Hire Pin Doctor! and let it go to work. This may take a while (I mean 2 – 3+ days while) before it’s completed. It depends on the type of account you have and how many pins it’s checking. Pin Doctor took about 2 days for my pins so just be patient and wait for the email to tell you it’s ready. When it’s ready, go back to your BoardBooster dashboard and you’ll see this screen.

How to run Pin Doctor from BoardBooster

4 // Click View results.

Once you do, the Pin Doctor displays the pins that fall into the categories I listed above. You can then sort through the pins and choose to keep or delete them from you boards. Deleting the pins helps boost your Pinterest authority because you’re removing the spammy pins, pins with slow loading websites, pins with broken links or redirects, and duplicates. Although…I keep the duplicate pins if they link back to me. 🙂  #ShamelessSelfPromotion

How to run Pin Doctor from BoardBooster

It’s become one of my favorite tools. It helps clean up your Pinterest boards and clean boards improve your ranking. An improve ranking leads to more exposure, and more exposure leads to more traffic. It’s definitely worth the investment of a couple of dollars. Get started with a new account to try BoardBooster for yourself.

Here’s another way I used BoardBooster (before I had Tailwind) to grow my impressions by 200%!


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