Trying a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

I decided to put my small dogs on a raw food diet for a few weeks to see how they responded and if it was good for them. After a couple of weeks, well, this is how it all went down.

A few weeks ago I heard from Raw Paws Pet Food with an offer to try my pups on a raw food diet for dogs. I’m actually really happy with my dog’s current diet and and I wasn’t interested in switching up their primary food. When I mentioned that to them, they offered to send dried lamb ears and beef mini-nuggets to use as a mixer in their food.

We started using mixers a couple of months ago to encourage the dogs to eat on a schedule and in their own space. It helped us break the food possessiveness we were working through because they loved the mixers so much that they immediately went to eating instead of fighting over who ate from which bowl. I jumped on the offer for lamb ears and beef nugget mixers immediately and waited anxiously for them to arrive.

The day they arrived I barely got the box opened before my dogs went absolutely ape-shit for the new smells.They were packaged and sealed but the dogs could tell. Somehow they knew there was something special in the box for them and they wanted the new treats immediately. 


I gave them one of the dried lamb ears first and they seemed a little skeptical. I think it was just because they were new and I’d never given them any kind of animal ear before. Wilkins, the chiweenie, devoured his first. One he got those first couple of bites in to it he decided he loved it. After he finished it he ran over to the cabinet where they were being stored, and whimpered, begging for a second one.

I didn’t give in though. They don’t own me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

I mixed a handful of dried beef nuggets in to their food every evening with their dinner. I always mix them in the bottom of the bowl so they have to eat their real food before they get down to the bonus nuggets at the end although that sometimes backfires because they will just knock their bowl over and eat the nuggets first. Those dogs are smarter than I give them credit for (damn dogs…).

I’m on the fence about trying a full raw food diet for them. There are a ton of benefits for the dogs, benefits like:

  • Improved Teeth & Breath
  • Reduced Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia
  • Improved Immune System
  • Increased Mental Stimulation
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes
  • Helps Maintain Ideal Weight
  • Reduced Allergies (Skin & Food)
  • Less Ear Wax Build Up
  • Increased Stamina
  • Chewing Enrichment
  • Bladder Control


I just feel like I’ve changed their diet a lot this year and I’m not sure I should change yet again. I plan to consult with my vet next week about switching to a raw food diet and getting her advice. If she’s in favor of it I’ll be calling Raw Paws for their transition consulting because they will help you develop a transition plan so you can move your dog to a raw food diet while keeping them healthy.

I noticed a slight change in their stool (sorry!) when I first let them start eating the raw foods but it returned to normal after about 2 days. I understand that’s normal so I wasn’t too frightened but I figured it was at least worth mentioning. ๐Ÿ™‚  They seem really happy on the raw food though but they are natural carnivores so I should have expected that. 

Let’s talk friends…

What do you think? Do you have your pets on a raw food diet? Would you consider it?

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl
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