Top Mistakes New Bloggers Make (That Have Nothing to do with Niche)

These are the top mistakes I've seen new bloggers mistake and not a single one of them has anything to do with a niche.

I’ve been around the blogosphere for about 7 years on various blogs, more than enough time to make a million mistakes myself and watch as tons of new bloggers repeat my mistakes over and over and over again. 

The biggest takeaway from this post is this – I’ve been there too. I’ve made mistake after mistake after mistake with my blog(s) so when I tell you it’s a big mistake, please believe me. I’ve done it. I know. I’m trying to help you new bloggers avoid repeating my downward spiral. 

Not Reserving Your Social Media Names Immediately

It’s so easy to get really caught up in picking the perfect domain and blog name that sometimes we don’t think all the way through to social media. I’ve seen bloggers have a domain and blog name they love and then find out it’s too long for Twitter so they scramble to try to come up with an abbreviated version of it. I’ve also seen bloggers have a domain and blog name they love and then find that it’s taken on social media so they have to use something different. It disrupts the branding and makes your online presence feel disjointed. When you’re choosing your blog name, reserve the same name on all networks (even if you don’t plan to actively use it) and lock it down. 

Not Being Consistent with Your Social Media and Blog Name

This one slays me! This really makes it hard to find you if I’m trying to look you up online. When you’re setting up your social media accounts, try your best to use the same name on all of your networks. Don’t be “Awesome Blogger” on Twitter and then be “Green Worm” on Pinterest and then be “Sunshine204” on Instagram. How am I (or your readers) ever going to find you if your name changes from network to network? It makes it really complicated. 

And…please disregard the fact that I’ve rebranded so many times that my Facebook page url no longer matches everything else. I told you…I’ve been there.

Relying on FB Group Threads for Comments / Likes / Follows

Facebook groups are excellent for meeting new blogging friends, getting advice, sharing tips, and (occasionally) joining promo threads. I typically join promo threads if I’m trying to build an audience on a social network or if I have a post I really need eyes on (like a sponsored opp with Linqia). For just your general every day post, those promo threads aren’t really going to do you a whole lot of good. Sure, you’ll get comments that day but you’re unlikely to really connect with blogger friends. Most just drop a comment and run. Sometimes people don’t even leave comments so you’re link is just lingering out there with no return. Your best bet is to find 5 – 7 blogs that you feel are similar to yours and begin to engage with those bloggers. As you build those friendships, slowly start adding more people to your list of fave bloggers. This way you’ll create friendships and shared collaboration rather than just link dropping.

Skipping Collaboration Possibilities

The  blogosphere is based around community and collaboration is key to building and growing your blog and your blog audience. Join group giveaways. Exchange guest posts. Host a shared webinar. Create a link-up. Do something that teams you up with another blogger, or a small group of bloggers, to share audiences and expand your reach. It’s extremely helpful and one of the best ways to get yourself out there and begin to build a reputation.

Being honest, this list could be a lot longer but I refuse to talk about niche or branding because there are a billion other posts out there about it. Don’t believe me? Google it. Other than niche or branding, what other mistakes would you warn new bloggers about?

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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