The Personal Stylist App You’ve Been Waiting for is Finally Here

I received some really exciting news yesterday. I mean, like, really, really exciting news! An app finally hit the iTunes market. An app that I’ve been waiting, and hoping, to see finally show up. I immediately opened iTunes and installed it. I mean, honestly, immediately. Are you ready? It was…the Stitch Fix Personal Stylist app!

I was so excited!

If you haven’t signed up with Stitch Fix yet then you may not understand but for those of you that have signed up, I know you feel me. The new app makes it easier than ever to share notes and feedback with your stylist. Finally, everything we love about Stitch Fix, right at our fingertips.

I just sat and stared at the little square as the circle looped around and the app downloaded.

I have a fix on the way and I haven’t been to the Stitch Fix site in a few days to even look and see if the package had shipped. It’s really unlike me. I usually know when it ships and I usually click the “checkout” button early to review (and Google) the items they’ve sent. It helps me get excited (or not) about what I’m anticipating.

When the app finally downloaded I signed in immediately. As soon as I did, I saw this:

Stitch Fix October 2015 on A Silver Twig

Friends…that’s today! TODAY! It means, as soon as I get home from work my Stitch Fix box is going to be there just waiting for me.

I admit it, I immediately clicked the “checkout” button to look at what they sent me and Google the items.

I’ll give you a teaser – I saw lots of stripes and polka dots. I was thrilled! I love polka dots!

I can’t wait to share the fix with you next week.

Until then, this is what I want you to do…

Create an Account

Go here and sign up for Stitch Fix. You won’t regret it at all, especially if you link them to a fashion Pinterest board of yours and tell them specifically what you like.

Download the App

If you’re on iOS (like I am on my iPhone), go here and download the app from iTunes.

Take the Style Quiz

You can take the style quiz right on the app. It’s really easy (it’s all on one scrolling page) and it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Here’s a glimpse…

Take the Stitch Fix style quiz and get your own personal stylist sending gear right to your door.

Set Your Price Points

This is one of the things I really dig about Stitch Fix. I can fill them in on what my shopping budget looks like so I’m certain that the items they send me every month in my fix is within budget. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than receiving something you love only to find it’s ridiculously outside of your price range.

Upload your Profile Picture

Y’all, this is MY FAVORITE perk of the mobile app. You can’t upload a profile picture on the Stitch Fix website but you can add a profile picture to the mobile app. This really helps your personal stylist see you and get to know your personal style. I threw one up there today but now I’m on the hunt to find the perfect picture so my stylist really sees me for me.

Schedule Your Fix

Don’t forget to set a date and schedule your first fix. After all, what good is signing up if you don’t actually use it? The day you get it, you’ll be so excited.


Are you excited? You should be!

Let’s Talk…

  • Are you a Stitch Fix-er yet?
  • Are you going to download the app?
  • What subscription boxes do you love?
Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.
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