The Officer’s Code by Lyn Alexander (Book Review)

The Officer’s Code by Lyn Alexander (Book Review)The Officer's Code by Lyn Alexander
Series: The Schellendorf Series
Published by: Storyteller Publishing
Genres: Historical Fiction
Pages: 338
My Rating:
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In 1912, failing at Cambridge pre-law, Eric Foster rebels against his father’s rigid plans for his future as a barrister in the family’s London law firm. Transferring to Heidelberg University, he is ‘the Engländer’ to the other students. In his search to control his own destiny he falls in love with the daughter of a German baron and retired cavalry colonel. To prove his worth to Brigitte’s aristocratic family, Eric uses his German mother’s old Prussian connections and takes her family name. As Erich von Schellendorf he is able to buy a commission in an elite German cavalry regiment. By penetrating the most respected, most powerful social class of Imperial Germany of that day, he opens the way to marry his beloved—only months before the outbreak of World War One, “the war to end all wars.”

Fighting in the army opposing his homeland, can Eric stay true to the powerful German Officers’ Code of Honour? And if he does, can he ever go home again?

I love reading historical fiction; it’s one of my favorite genres and despite how saturated the market is I continue reading it as much as possible in hopes that I’ll stumble across an amazing gem. I’ve read a lot of clunkers but I recently re-read The Officer’s Code by Lyn Alexander and remembered that there are truly remarkable books out there in the genre.

I picked up the book in an attempt to convert my movie-loving husband in to reader (it worked!) and fell in love with these characters and Alexander’s writing all over again. If you have any interest whatsoever in historical fiction or if you’re just looking for an amazing read, I can’t recommend it highly enough. See it here on Amazon.

Book Review of The Officer’s Code…

The Officer’s Code by Lyn Alexander is one of the few books that my husband and I can agree is an absolutely fabulous read. When we first meet Eric Foster he is a brash willful directionless youth whose father decides to send him to Heidelberg, Germany for a year of college in the hopes that it will set him off on a better path. Little did he suspect that Eric would fall in love with a beautiful German girl and start a relationship that would forever change the course of his life.

While I love the romance story arc in The Officer’s Code my husband relished the military themes and the arc of World War I. This is a wonderfully written and fabulously told tale that I am certain will appeal to almost every reader but particularly to those who enjoy historical fiction. My husband is not often a historical fiction fan and yet he loved this book as much as I did.

We finished this book and bought book #2 in this series on the same night because we couldn’t resist continuing the story immediately. Never have we felt so invested in the lives and the future of fictional characters. This book is superbly written. It is a shame that it hasn’t had more readers and more glowing reviews. To be honest, of every book series I’ve ever read THIS is the one I wish that Hollywood would turn in to a movie franchise. I’d be the first in line to see it. Start reading it today…


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