That Time I Visited the Cincinnati Zoo

If you're going to be visiting Cincinnati make sure you stop by and visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago I shared our trip to Zoo Atlanta with y’all (which was SO much fun!) and it got me thinking about the last trip I took to a zoo; it was in Cincinnati to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. My husband wasn’t with me on that trip, I’d traveled to Cincinnati with my parents to visit my brother before he moved overseas to London. There were a ton of other “must-see” things on our Cincinnati travel list (like The Montgomery Inn restaurant, Pete Rose Way where the Cincinnati Reds ballpark is located, etc) but since my family knows what a big zoo fan I am they agreed to squeeze in a visit.

If you are ever in Cincinnati, you absolutely MUST visit the zoo! It is gorgeous with a ton of greenery, great cavernous areas for photos and shady rest stops, a winding train ride through the zoo areas, excellent animal exhibits, and a clean atmosphere. It really was a great place for us to spend our day.

Actually, since I mentioned their greenery and shady cavernous areas perhaps I should mention that the full name of the place is Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. 😉 

The ticket prices were pretty reasonable although, unlike at Zoo Atlanta, you do have to pay for parking at the Cincinnati Zoo. Zoo Atlanta parking is free but in Cincinnati it’s $10 per car. It’s not unreasonable and there are other transportation options (like public transit, UBER, Lyft, etc) but if you’re going to be parking yourself you need to make sure you are prepared to shell out cash for parking. As a person that never carries cash (debit card all the way!) this is kind of important for me to know, you know?).

If you’re going to be going all day (like we do) I recommend buying the Zoo Adventure ticket because that gets you in to the zoo, unlimited rides, and admission to their 4D Theatre experience. We didn’t have time for the theatre and we didn’t have any kids with us that day so we just went with the general admission and paid extra for the train but if I ever make it back I’m going full experience. 

Plan your adventure at the Cincinnati Zoo

We walked through the botanical gardens and big cat exhibits, saw the giraffes and elephants (as you know…LOVE!), and a took a train ride through the zoo to see the ducks, turtles, and other exhibits. 

We probably spent about 5 – 6 hours there that day but there’s no way we saw everything that the Cincinnati Zoo had to offer. We didn’t ride the carousel, didn’t see the 4-D theatre show, only caught two animal exhibits (the cheetah and the monkeys), and missed the lion because he was sleeping. 

Obviously, I need to get back to Cincinnati!







Have you ever been to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens? 

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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