Thanksgiving Traditions for Couples

Thanksgiving traditions you should start with your spouse this year.

I absolutely love the holidays season and Thanksgiving has always been a huge holiday in my family. When I was growing up in south Florida the one big vacation we took every single year was to West Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with my Dad’s family.

The memories are still so real it feels like it all just happened yesterday. While we were there I would work word search puzzles and read celebrity magazines with my grandma. We would all hang out in the kitchen while my grandma made her famous biscuits & gravy and my mom, sister and I worked on other dishes. My Dad, brother, and the other men would go out to the farm and spend a few days hunting.

On Thanksgiving Day we all came together for dinner and football.  We built bonfires, roasted marshmallows and had an amazing holiday. I loved it!

But those days are gone…

Both of my grandparents have passed away, their home is gone, and it’s different now.

My parents have moved back to West Virginia but spending Thanksgiving there isn’t the same. You can’t go back. Those are childhood memories and now, as an adult, they can’t be recaptured.

It’s time for new Thanksgiving traditions. It’s time to create new traditions with MY family, but building them has been a struggle. My family consists of me and my husband right now as we don’t have any children (yet). We both have our extended families but I want something that is a tradition for us, as a couple.

So I’ve been thinking…what would be good Thanksgiving traditions for childless couples?  I thought long and hard and I put together a few ideas:

Give Each Other Thank You Cards  

I’m a big fan of Thank You cards. I’ve been known to send them to co-workers for helping me with a project and to radio DJ’s for tickets or things I’ve won on their station. I love the idea of preparing one for my husband for Thanksgiving!

It’s a great reminder to reflect on the positive things about each other and to show appreciation. I just ordered these Southern Hospitality cards to use this year. We write our cards and then I place them at the dinner table where the name cards would normally be. We read them before  dinner. It sets a great tone for the day. 

Beautiful thank you cards

Keep a “Thankful” Jar or Box  

I love to recognize reasons and moments of gratitude so I love this idea. 

Throughout the month of November record all of the reasons why you are thankful for your spouse on small scraps of paper and put them in a “Thankful” jar or box. (I love this Corn Husk Vase for my home or this glass apothecary jar from Target, but you can use whatever suits your preference and decor).

On Thanksgiving night, after the visitors have left and/or the family has gone to bed, open the jar/box and read the notes to one another.

Hold a Bible Devotion for Thankfulness

Beginning on November 1st, spend the month studying the Bible for thankfulness and gratitude. I prefer to hold our devotions in the morning but schedule them for whatever time of day works best for you and your schedule. 

Sit down and join together in prayers of thanksgiving to show appreciation to God for the blessings in your lives.

I highly recommend The Power of Being Thankful by Joyce Meyer. It is 365 days but we take 30 days at a time during the month of November. 

Take a Photo Together

Take a photo outside at a favorite place.  It doesn’t have to be anywhere crazy, just a place that is special to the two of you. It could be on your front porch, your backyard, by a special tree, or in your garden. If you’re able to go out it could be the site of a special date. Reflect on your year together and choose a memory to preserve. 

Keep the photos together in a photo book so that, in future years, you can reflect back on the happiest places that you spent time together. You can create, and order, amazing photo books at Shutterfly

Watch a Favorite Christmas Movie

We stay awake until midnight and start the movie at 12:01am. It’s my favorite of all of our holiday traditions.

I’ve shared some of my favorite Christmas movies before which include most of the classics while my husband has a different, more unusual, take on holiday films.

For our Thanksgiving night Christmas movie we typically settle on a shared favorite like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, or Elf

Do you do anything special for just the two of you for Thanksgiving?  Any couples-only traditions for Thanksgiving?

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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