Weekend Links #14

All week I’ve been tied to my computer working on a couple of new courses I’m preparing to launch and planning my late summer garden harvest. Since we all need less screen time, I’m devoting this week’s Weekend Links to gardening and the great outdoors. Enjoy!

Weekend Links #13

This post includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love Hi Friends! This weekend Brandon and I are exploring Charleston, WV because I want to check out Taylor Books, he wants to browse Sullivan’s Records, and I’m sure there’s a new restaurant calling our names. I absolutely have to get down to Sugar Pie…

Weekend Links #12

This week I’ve been focused on self-care and mental health. I’ve been trying to do more to help my husband manage his anxiety while also taking the time each day to do something kind for myself. These Weekend Links encourage the same.

Weekend Links #11

This weekend I’m sharing a few new recipes that I’m dying to try (ummm…brisket nachos anyone?!) and a really powerful essay about how growing up fatherless taught one blogger to be a kick-ass woman. If you ask me, it should be a must-read for women.

Weekend Links #10

This weekend I’m checking in with a must-have shirt for summer (for me and fellow dog-lovers) and a couple of recipes I’m absolutely craving! I spotted a vegan mac & cheese (yes, apparently it’s a thing) and it’s on our menu for the week ahead. It sounds amazing but it’s that drink that really caught my eye.

Weekend Links #8

I’m moving in less than a week! OMG. I know that I should get off the internet and, you know, be productive and whatnot but #blogs. I love reading them. The other day I actually said to my husband, “I wish there was something like Audible for Blogs. Like, I could just tune in and…

Weekend Links #7

One of the things that Brandon and I are looking forward to is traveling more often. West Virginia is relatively close to a lot of cities we’ve never been to together (NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Baltimore, etc.) and our new place is within 30 minutes of the airport so travel is definitely on our to-do list…

Weekend Links #6

It’s Saturday. I’m overwhelmed AF. I feel like I have 5 billion things on my to-do list and yet I sat on my butt most of the week making excuses and reading blogs. I know everything is going to kick in to overdrive next week because there are deadlines and I need to get on them,…

Weekend Links #5

My only plans this weekend are sleeping and binge-watching Netflix. I’m still trying to catch up from traveling to/from West Virginia and going back to the office without a day in between. Admittedly, that’s all I’ve done since we got home on Tuesday night. I went straight to bed so I could wake up for…

Weekend Links #4

Right now Brandon and I are hanging out in West Virginia at my family’s hunting lodge for the weekend. I’m planning to do a bit of FB Live from the farm and, of course, a couple of Instagram stories so if you’re not already following me I recommend doing so now (Facebook + Instagram) so you can…

Weekend Links #3

Happy weekend, friends! Today, Brandon and I will be heading down to Little 5 Points, Atlanta for #RecordStoreDay. Criminal Records is doing a big thing and DJ Jelly goes on at 3pm and we’re not missing him (#bigfans). I’m sure we will both be sharing IG Stories so check in with us @ashleyfromfbl and @brandonbreaks sometime…

Weekend Links #2

Hi friends! As of now I have no idea what our weekend plans look like and it’s kind of freaking me out. I know there are a lot of people that absolutely love to fly by the seat of their pants and who thrive on being spontaneous but I am not one of those people. I need…

Weekend Links #1

Happy Saturday! I know I’m basically the worst at starting a new blogging series only to abandon it by the time I get to volume 5 or 6 but I’m going to try to stick with this one. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about whether I still read blogs since I have…

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