Weekend Links #13

This post includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love Hi Friends! This weekend Brandon and I are exploring Charleston, WV because I want to check out Taylor Books, he wants to browse Sullivan’s Records, and I’m sure there’s a new restaurant calling our names. I absolutely have to get down to Sugar Pie…

8 Ways to Save for Summer Vacation

Dreaming about summer vacation? Yeah, us too! Every year we have big goals for summer vacations and end up with sticker shock at our credit card bills at the end of the season. Rather than rely on credit cards this year we decided to get ahead of the expenses but implementing these top savings tips. Now we are focused on taking cash-only trips and staying out of debt.

I Moved 500+ Miles in 3 Weeks

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about moving over 500 miles on 3 weeks notice! Basically, my husband and I are crazy for even attempting it but we’re here (finally) and looking forward to our new journey. If you find yourself planning a move on short notice, you can probably learn a thing or two from our do’s and don’t for moving. Then, all I can do is wish you luck! Moving is miserable.

Weekend Links #7

One of the things that Brandon and I are looking forward to is traveling more often. West Virginia is relatively close to a lot of cities we’ve never been to together (NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Baltimore, etc.) and our new place is within 30 minutes of the airport so travel is definitely on our to-do list…

We Left Our Hearts Behind

Last weekend became somewhat of an unexpected trip to visit my parents in West Virginia and Brandon and I are having such a challenging time to readjusting to being back in Atlanta. West Virginia stole our hearts and now we can’t seem to shake the call of the mountains begging us to come home. Three…

5 Reasons to Use CityPASS During Your Holiday Travel

Are you traveling during the holidays this year? We will be packing up in about 2 weeks to head south to Florida to spend time with family ’round the old Christmas tree. We’ve considered stopping in Tampa, FL (our old stomping ground) on the way back to Atlanta just to check in with old friends and see…

8 Unforgettable Gifts for Anniversaries

This guest post is sponsored by Cloud 9 but all gift ideas remain fabulous and unforgettable! Guess what? The big day is approaching when you’ll celebrate your anniversary. The wedding anniversary is a beautiful day, filled with love and memories of the years passed. Anniversaries have a long history and have been around since the…

That Time I Visited the Cincinnati Zoo

A few weeks ago I shared our trip to Zoo Atlanta with y’all (which was SO much fun!) and it got me thinking about the last trip I took to a zoo; it was in Cincinnati to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. My husband wasn’t with me on that trip, I’d traveled to Cincinnati with…

Birthday Cupcake at Disney Springs Rainforest Cafe

Our first night in Orlando we had dinner reservations at Disney Springs’ Rainforest Cafe. It’s one of my mom’s favorite places because of the amazing atmosphere. We also all thought that my niece would love the animals coming to life during the simulated “thunderstorms” while we ate. We wanted to sit by the elephants since…

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