The WD My Cloud + App is Must-Have Technology

If you’re anything like me you probably have thousands of files on your computer. I have documents, music, videos, and photos (omg…the photos!) and my biggest fear is my computer crashing and losing it all. I’ve tried a lot of different external hard drives as backup storage but the WD My Cloud is by far the best device I’ve bought. It even syncs to your phone via an easy-to-use mobile app!

How I’m Super Productive (When my Husband is Watching Football)

This past week has been crazy stressful. I’ve been under a lot of pressure at the office with a huge projects (like 15,000+ files huge) and looming deadlines. I’ve had deadlines for commitments with this blog and with my company. My dogs have been driving me insane and all week long I was just pleading for the weekend…

  • Im planning to go shopping for hanging terrariums this weekhellip
  • Guess what Im featuring today ontheblog? Ill give you onehellip
  • So beautiful! I hate that my garden didnt include anyhellip
  • I know Ive already mentioned it but this formula1006us maskhellip
  • I need little wooden boxes old this for my gardenhellip
  • Lunch time is a good time for pancakes right? pancakeshellip
  • Umm so this is basically the cutest mug ever Foundhellip
  • My new book arrived and Im ! Im about tohellip