My Favorite Charities to Support

One of the first faith-related arguments that Brandon and I ever had was about tithing. We agreed that God asks that we give 10% of our earnings to the church but we argued about what “the church” actually meant. He insisted that it meant the physical church that you attend or a local church in…

Top Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Student Loans Early

Guest post by: David Chen of Millennial Personal Finance For many Americans, student loans are a fact of life.  College or graduate school is simply out of reach without some form of student loans, and most of us will spend years paying back Uncle Sam or a private student loan company for our degrees.  When…

How to Get Healthy Without Paying for a Gym Membership

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Far Beyond Love. XOXO I joke with my husband that we have this whole get healthy and commit to the gym thing backwards. Most people we know make a New Year’s resolution to join a gym, work out, and get healthy around…

It’s Not Minimalism, It’s Intentional Living

For a few years Brandon and I spoke about our lifestyle as minimalist but this past year has shown me that isn’t really true. Minimalism, while fabulous, defines a way of life that is actually far more sparse and uncluttered than ours. I’ve come to redefine ours as intentional living. It’s not about purchasing only the…

5 Reasons to Use CityPASS During Your Holiday Travel

Are you traveling during the holidays this year? We will be packing up in about 2 weeks to head south to Florida to spend time with family ’round the old Christmas tree. We’ve considered stopping in Tampa, FL (our old stomping ground) on the way back to Atlanta just to check in with old friends and see…

Can I Monetize a Faith-Based Blog?

Is it possible to monetize a faith-based blog? It’s a question I’ve seen come up repeatedly in faith-based groups I’m involved with on Facebook, LinkedIn, and SheWrites. As expected, there are two widely differing perspectives on the matter. There is one side that says that your focus should be on your ministry and if you are…

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