How to Use Quizzes to Boost Reader Engagement (Interact Tutorial Video)

I joined Interact a few weeks ago so I could begin building interactive quizzes to incorporate into my blog posts. They are great for boosting reader engagement, driving traffic, and increasing subscribers. There are so many ways you can use Interact quizzes within your blog posts. I’ve already brainstormed dozens of ways they can help drive affiliate sales, generate interest in sponsored posts, build my email list, and so much more. Really, it’s limited only by your own creativity.

Quickly Schedule Pins Using the Pinterest Mobile App

Maybe it’s me but I hate using Pinterest on my computer. I prefer to pin while I’m lounging in my pajamas with my dog on my lap and a coffee in my hand. I used to think that scheduling pins meant I had to be tied to the keyboard but that’s not true at all. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to schedule pins using the Pinterest mobile app. Now, I can schedule hundreds of pins in the time it takes to get through an episode of Big Bang Theory!

Creating a Blog Reader Survey That Improves your Blog

After finding myself struggling with my blog’s identity, I decided to send out a mid-year blog reader survey to my subscribers. Creating a blog reader survey can dramatically improve your blog if you follow these top do’s and don’ts for creating a productive survey which generates actionable feedback. Just be sure to put on your thick-skin because no one likes a whiny blogger that can’t handle the truth.

The Top 3 Websites for Bloggers to Connect with PR Professionals

Bloggers are always interested in connecting with PR professionals and I’ve discovered three great websites to help us do just that. These sites allow you to register your blog as a media outlet so PR professionals can locate you, get in touch, and work with you on new collaborations.

My Best Advice for New Bloggers

Starting a blog can be so overwhelming because it feels like there are a billion things to do. You have to choose a theme, plan your content strategy, set up your social media accounts, and the list somehow seems to grow longer as you check stuff off. I want to share my best advice for new bloggers with you to help you stay sane as you start this new journey into the blogosphere.

How to Blog While Working Full-Time

In the blogging world, there are full-time bloggers and hobby bloggers. Most of the bloggers I know fall into the hobby blogger category like myself. I love blogging but it’s a side hustle to my real full-time career. A lot of people ask me how I manage to blog while working full-time so I decided to share my top tips for time management, balanced workload, and tools with you. Now, I can almost run the blog on auto-pilot.

The Tailwind Feature That DOUBLED my Blog Traffic (It’s NOT Tailwind Tribes)

This post includes affiliate links which helps support Far Beyond Love. I resisted buying a subscription to Tailwind for so long and as I’m quickly learning, that may have been the biggest blogging mistake I’ve made so far. Before I signed up for Tailwind I had started feeling like I was constantly sinking money into new…

Weekend Links #2

Hi friends! As of now I have no idea what our weekend plans look like and it’s kind of freaking me out. I know there are a lot of people that absolutely love to fly by the seat of their pants and who thrive on being spontaneous but I am not one of those people. I need…

Weekend Links #1

Happy Saturday! I know I’m basically the worst at starting a new blogging series only to abandon it by the time I get to volume 5 or 6 but I’m going to try to stick with this one. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about whether I still read blogs since I have…

6 Tailwind Tribes That Helped Me Grow My Blog

This post includes affiliate links which help support FBL. I felt so late to the Tailwind party when I first joined the platform about a month or so ago. I’d been hearing about it for almost a year but never bothered to sign up for it because I was already over-extended on my blog expense budget…

How to Use ViralTag to Schedule Social Media

Silly me but over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking that maybe I need to get out there and actually have a life again. My schedule was starting to look way too much like sleep | eat | work | eat | blog | sleep | repeat. It wasn’t totally horrible but it was boring…

MailChimp vs ConvertKit – Which One is Right For You?

This post includes affiliate links which help support and maintain FBL. One of the most popular pieces of advice floating around online for bloggers is to build your email list. There are thousands (millions?) of articles about how to build your list, what to create as an opt-in offer, how often to communicate with your list,…

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