Steve Madden Saved My Soles

May 14, 2015 | 1 comment

Last week my husband and I went out for a little Sunday shopping to pick up a few things. We hadn’t done any ‘fun’ shopping in a while. Since he wanted a few new hats and I wanted new shoes we hopped the train and headed north to the mall. It was hot (like crazy hot!) so I threw on my favorite sundress, tied up my hair, and slipped on my heels to go. 

As soon as I put my heels on I just knew I was going to regret it. Friday night when I got home from work my feet hurt from commuting in heels all week so I was looking forward to being barefoot at home or in flats all weekend but I suddenly realized something – I did not own a single pair of flats. I mean, I owned one pair of sneakers but I didn’t own any actual flats. 

Obviously I knew what kind of shoes I was going to buying.

The best Steve Madden shoes I've ever owned and how they saved my soles

When we finally found the Steve Madden store I pleaded with the salesclerk, “Please…bring me flats. I need neutral flats. I need something that won’t kill my feet. I need something I can commute in without hurting.” She just smiled and disappeared behind the curtain.

She brought me these and said, “I have them in black. I can swear to their comfort.”

I took off my heels, slipped them on, and instantly felt like I was walking on cloud 9. I ran over to my husband and showed him. He smiled and just said, “They look comfortable.” I know what that meant, “You know I hate flats but you’re smiling so if you like them then just buy them.”  So buy them I did. They are amazing.

I didn’t wear them home (although I was sorely tempted to wear them home) but the moment I got home I kicked my heels off into the closet and immediately put them on my feet. Don’t they look comfortable?!

Kwiltt by Steve Madden is like walking on clouds!

Ladies, I love them! I wore them to take my dogs out to do their business and I wore them to go down and check our mailbox. They felt so good on my feet! I immediately decided that I would be wearing them to work all week long. Sure, I’m only 5’2″ and yes I wear heels to make myself look taller but eventually I just have to accept that it can not be done every single day.

I told my husband I’ll be going back to the mall soon to pick up a few more pair of flats. Steve Madden had a super cute pair of white sandals I had my eye on too.

And, did you know that when you shop in the Steve Madden store that you’re given a reusable bag instead of a plastic bag? It was a surprise to me but I loved it! I normally do my shopping online so I’ve never noticed. Maybe it’s old news but it was news to me.

Super cute Steve Madden flats!

Check out my new shoes on Steve Madden!

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