My Spring Inspiration Wish List

Apr 7, 2016 | 4 comments

Is it just Georgia or has it been an abnormally cool start to spring this year? A few weeks ago I was excitedly packing away my sweaters and pulling out floral blouses and skirts; but today here I sit in jeans and a long-sleeved T wondering when spring is going to finally show up. Still, the cool weather isn’t stopping me from spring-inspired dreaming.

In the last two days alone I’ve filled my wish list with a ton of things for my closet, vanity, and my house. Today I thought it would be fun to share my spring inspiration wish list with you all. 

You never know, maybe it will inspire you too. 🙂 

A spring wish list from

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The other day I also mentioned to my husband that I want to take more deliberate care in decorating our home with the seasons and for the holidays. I am getting a bit tired of our home having the same decor all year round. Unless it’s Christmas, I don’t decorate. I mentioned it to my husband the other day and I said, “Do you remember our first year together? I decorated our home for Summer and for Halloween. We decorated for Thanksgiving and throughout each season. What happened?”

He said, “I got sick. You lost your job. We moved three times. Granted, everything is better now but for a long while we had priorities much different than whether or not we should have an orange or white pumpkin for Halloween.” 

He was right. We had a few very crazy years but life has settled down. Life is good now and I really want to get back in to building a comfortable happy home. If you have any home-decorating tips for me I’d love to hear them.