PupWalkr is Basically On-Demand Love for Your Dog

Pupwalkr is Atlanta's premier on demand dog walking service.

I can’t explain why or how it happens but sometimes really great things just fall in to your lap. I mean, just last week my husband and I were trying to figure out how to nail down a schedule that allows for work, blogging, running our business, date nights, and still showing our dogs all of the love and affection they deserve. My husband said, “I wish there was some kind of on-demand entertainment for dogs. I mean, we have Netflix, what do they get?”. The very next day (and I mean very next day) I received an e-mail from Alex at PupWalkr introducing me to his business and asking if I’d be interested in trying their service and sharing it with y’all. I’m always down for sharing great things but first I asked, “Dude, what’s PupWalkr?”

It’s basically on-demand love and attention for your dog by which I mean you can schedule or cancel dog walks up until 1 hour before the appointment time. They are the only on-demand dog walking service in Atlanta. Cool, right? So now on those nights I’m at the office later than expected because I’m trying to finish up last-minute stuff before our next release I can just tell PupWalkr to stop by and take Tebow and Wilkins out for their walk. On the nights they don’t get their long evening walk they are super hype all evening because they have too much energy and I promise you that there is nothing worse than dealing with two tiny little dogs that refuse to calm the hell down after you’ve put in a long day at work. I mean, I almost wrote a post about my chiweenie titled, “When Your Chiweenie is More Weenie than Chi”. I still might write it, I rather like that title for a dog rant post.

PupWalkr is Atlanta's only on demand dog walking service

We’ve had conversations in the past about sending our pups to doggie daycare while we’re at work to socialize them, exercise them, and keep them from being either crated or home alone for so long but ultimately opted against it when we moved and now live only 1.5 miles from my office.

We’ve also looked in to dog walking services before but we’ve always been hesitant to do it because we’re really wary of people when it comes to our dogs. Sure, maybe we’re paranoid (as some accuse us of being) or maybe we’re just protective of our boys but either way we’ve never been comfortable with just grabbing a phone number from Craigslist and saying, “Hey! Here’s a key to our home, will you take our dogs out?” so we end up juggling our schedules around and feeling bad that they only got a 20 minute walk instead of an hour walk twice that week. 

PupWalkr actually has a highly selective process when bringing new dog walkers (known as Walkrs) onboard. There is a less than a 1% acceptance rate and every Walkr has to pass a background check. Once brought onboard every Walkr is insured and bonded. That makes me feel much safer than just calling a local guy advertising dog walking services in the newspaper. Like I said, call me paranoid but our dogs are basically our life. Once we get moved in to our home next year we’ll have a yard for a lot more exercise and playtime but for now, PupWalkr fits our needs perfectly.

PupWalkr, Atlanta's first on demand dog walking service

I like that it can be so last-minute (well, last-hour anyway) too. #LifeHappens, right? Stuff unexpectedly comes up all the time and I know I’ve found myself in a lot of situations where I just don’t get home on time – bad traffic (it’s Atlanta y’all!), late meetings, emergencies, schedule changes, delayed flights, etc, etc, etc. so I love that PupWalkr let’s you contact them an hour beforehand and schedule a dog walk.

Naturally, you have to make sure they have access to your place to actually get your dog but that’s on you so just find a cool way to hide a key so they can get in. If you live in an apartment (like we do) you can usually just tell the leasing office that you want to give PupWalkr permission to check out a key. When the Walkrs show up to your apartment they’ll turn in their Driver’s License, get a key and key fob (if applicable), do the walk, then turn the key and key fob back in to get their license back. Obviously, check with your leasing office to confirm their practices but most work that way.

If you live in Atlanta and you want to try PupWalkr for your own pooch just know it’s built to fit around your life. Truly, they love your dog but they care about being convenient for you. You can purchase walk packages for bulk pricing discounts (like $13 a walk which is a great deal) and any walks you purchase never expire so you can use them every weekday or twice a week or only when things come up, it’s up to you. You have full flexibility with your PupWalkr schedule and, if you ask me, that’s pretty awesome. 

So, what do you say, are you ready to give PupWalkr a chance? You can get even more details and info on their pricing and services right here. You can also visit PupWalkr on Yelp or see more great pics of happy dogs and Walkrs on Facebook, and Instagram.

Seriously, right now, go look at those dogs on Instagram! Right now. Go. We all need more happy dogs in our lives. 🙂  Most of these pictures come from the Walkr’s walk updates. They will send you live picture updates during every walk so that you are kept in the loop about your pup’s experience. With every walk, you can expect at least 3 picture updates:

  1. A picture of your Walkr upon arrival letting you know the walk is about to start.
  2. A mid-walk picture of your dog(s) having a great time!
  3. A post-walk picture of your dog safely back inside with a bathroom count (pee, poo). 

Are you ready to talk dogs? Tell me…what is your dog walking schedule like? Do you walk your dogs yourself or have you hired a dog walking service? What are your thoughts on doggie daycare? Are you as impressed with PupWalkr as I am?

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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