Get your marital finances on track with a technique we call Money Monday. I share all of the details in my new eBook, Far Beyond the Budget- Managing Marital Finances

Managing your Marital Finances


Combining your finances after marriage and learning to get on the same money page can be challenging to a lot of couples. We had a really hard time managing our finances in the beginning but then we implemented a weekly 1-hour meeting we call Money Monday. Our Money Monday meetings helped us identify common goals, take control of our debt, and build our savings and investments accounts all without sacrificing travel, entertainment, and shopping. In this eBook I share exactly how we manage our Money Monday and build a healthy marriage with financial transparency.

You will learn how to:

1 – Prepare for financial transparency with your spouse

2 – Identify and compromise on common goals

3 – Develop a plan to tackle debt

4 – Balance multiple savings goals

5 – Identify your net worth

Includes our Money Monday schedule and templates to set up you up for marital financial success! 

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*Due to the digital nature of this product, it is not eligible for refunds.

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