How to Preserve Family Photo Memories

Learn how to preserve photo memories and family favorites with PhotoBarn

I love taking photos when I’m with my friends and family but I am the worst about finding a way to actually preserve those family photo memories. I have hundreds of photos just waiting for me to actually do something with them. What? I don’t know.

I think about printing them for albums but then I remember the dozens of albums I already have and never look at. Then I consider scrapbooking but I’m not really the crafty kind (that’s my sister). I could frame them but how many framed pictures does a person really need? So, they sit on my iPhone or on my computer while I keep telling myself that one day I’ll figure something out.

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I was starting to feel like I was one of those people that was just destined to live with hundreds of photos in a digital shoebox until I stumbled on PhotoBarn about two weeks ago. I mean, it was InstaLOVE! You just don’t know. 

I found them by accident but then I spent about an hour on their site looking at all of the cool ways to have your family photo memories preserved on wood items. They have collages, collage boards, wood frames, coasters, wood cubes, etc and they will print your photos on to the item of your choice, then send it to you wrapped up all pretty and ready to display.

I really had my eye on the wood print grids because I still (yes, still, and yes, it’s been 2 years) don’t have anything hanging above the sofa in my living room and I thought one of those grids would be perfect.

What a stunning way to display family photo memories!

I was all, “I’m so going to buy a 9-piece grid because that would look fabulous in my living room!” but since I haven’t scheduled a photo sesh with my husband in forever I knew I didn’t really have the pictures to do it.

Instead I sat, and I dreamed.

Then, I contacted PhotoBarn to tell them how much I loved (I have a seriously hardcore crush) their products and asked if they wanted to collab on something. They were super nice and sent me a $100 code so I could grab something from their shop. Obviously, I then spent hours trying to decide exactly what to get. I ultimately decided on 3 wood photo cubes.

Preserve your family photo memories today with these awesome wood cubes!

You’ll love all of their options. I promise you. I’m obsessed already.

I could have gone with anything but I (quickly) did the math and figured that since each cube has 6 sides and I could afford 3 cubes I could have 18 family photo memories printed instead of the 3, 4, 6, or 9 I could have had if I went with any other item.


Ordering the cubes was super simple. They have three sizes (2″, 4″, and 6″) so you just pick a size then upload your pics and crop/size your pics til they display how you want them on the cube. I was tempted to buy a 6″ cube but was concerned that maybe it would be too big because I wanted to display them on my desk. I settled on 2 2″ cubes and 1 4″ cube. It was plenty big.

Preserve family photo memories with awesome wood photo cubes like this one!

I printed one of the 2″ cubes with photos of my wedding, the other 2″ cube with photos of my family in West Virginia, and the 4″ cube with photos capturing all of my favorite moments between my husband and I during from our first photo up until today. 

I nearly cried when I opened them.

They look so good! I wasn’t sure how they would look on the wood grain but they look amazing. I’m so happy with them! I can’t recommend PhotoBarn highly enough. I ordered PhotoBarn wood grain photo coasters for my sister for her birthday. I printed them with photos from her engagement shoot, her wedding, and pics with her daughter. I swiped the photos she had used for her Facebook profile picture so I knew they would be photos she liked. Smart thinking, right?

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea or you want to preserve your own family photo memories, I can’t recommend these products highly enough. I told my husband I’m eventually going back to buy that photo grid so he better prep for a photo session soon. 😉  

(Oh, and pssssst! Right now all products are 50% off AND you get free shipping! Check it out.)

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