Praying for My Sweet Boy

Aug 9, 2015 | 13 comments

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you’ve probably already heard the news – my dog has a tumor.

I took him to our vet on Saturday morning because he had a small sore on his back, right between his shoulder blades. The hair around it was matted, it was a bit crusty, and it concerned me. I figured the vet would smile at me while thinking to herself, “I’ve never seen someone over-react so much over a bug bite.” and then send us home.  That didn’t happen. She looked at it and asked for permission to stick him with a needle to draw some blood and scrape the wound so she could check it out. I was stunned. What?! Blood sample? Scrape the wound? Check it out? You mean it’s NOT a bug bite?!?!

Guys…I was freaking out!

I had tears almost immediately.  Then she said, “When did you first notice it?” I told her I noticed it only a few days ago. She responded, “I’m glad you brought him in.” That did absolutely nothing to calm my nerves! She took blood, scraped the sore, and left the room. We panicked. Well, I panicked. My dog didn’t really know what was going on other than sensing that I was upset and he was up really high (he has a fear of heights, I blame small-dog syndrome).

Wilkins at the Vet

When she came back in the room she told me she had been able to confirm it was a tumor. A tumor?! Ahh, I cried instantly. He had no clue what was going on but he loved the sudden onslaught of hugs and cuddles. I cried and cuddled my boy as the vet told me she was going to send it off for more in-depth testing and she would know by Monday if it was something we needed to worry about or if it was benign.

Inwardly I just kept hoping and praying it would come back benign. He’s my baby! We rescued him from a nasty foster situation where’d he’d been beaten when he was only 8-weeks old. He’s the sweetest, most loving, most cuddly, most snuggly little dog I’ve ever known. He’s just a lover dog! He’s also only 2.5-years old.  Little pups like him don’t really get active tumors, right? (Please say, “That’s right“).  I mean, just look at him! Look at that face.

Wilkins on Rug


So all I’ve done since we got home this morning is give him cuddles, give him cookies, and give him more cuddles. He’s also been able to get away with behavior that I would normally discipline him for. Who can discipline a dog with a tumor? You have to have a cold-heart for that. I picked up these tiny little Apple Dumpling treats from last month and he has been loving them! I’ve only been giving him two or three a day even though they are super tiny (designed for small dogs) but today he’s had about 6 or 7 (and it’s still early).  Now he’s on my lap while I type a post about how heartbroken I am that my little guy has a tumor. He’s not normally allowed on my lap while I’m typing because his little hairs get in my keyboard and cause problems but right now I don’t care about my keyboard.  All I care about is my little boy being ok.

Ashley Wilkins

She said she’d call with the test results on Monday so I’m just waiting til Monday and praying for good news.