Keeping You (and Your Spouse) Healthy

Sep 13, 2016 | 0 comments

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Have I ever mentioned that my husband is kind of a germaphobe? I mean, he’s not a germaphobe in the extreme like some people are but he definitely has an intense thing against germs. Me on the other hand? I’m more of a, “Ehhhh…there’s dirt and germs everywhere” person. I mean, I wash my hands and I keep things clean but you can’t protect yourself against everything, right? I just do the best I can and move on with my day. 

As much as I’m like that though, even I’ll admit that there are certain precautions you can take to be as germ-free and healthy as possible (although, of course, nothing is guaranteed and you may still get sick).

One quick and simple way to keep you and your spouse healthy this fall

So…our secret weapon? PocketBac’s from Bath & Body Works

We are all about hand sanitizer around here! I’m not even kidding and sometimes I wish I was. We have this stuff everywhere. I’ve read joke articles before about the “6 Types of Mom’s You’ll Meet at the Playground” or whatnot and it never fails there is always the one that is known for having hand sanitizer, anti-rash creams, anti-itch creams, band-aids, etc. and even though I’m not a mom I know that if I was I’d be that mom

As it is I’m that lady that wipes down the cart at Target with those antibacterial wipes and then still uses hand sanitizer on her hands but you know what, #noshame friends. Oh, and if you sneeze or cough anywhere near me you can bet I’m going to use it again and I may even put a little under my nose as well but I’ll refrain from giving you a dirty look because I’m definitely not that lady.

Keep yourself as germ-free as possible this Fall with PocketBacs from Bath and Body Works!

When I stopped in to Bath & Body Works earlier today to pick up a few new PocketBacs I saw that their Bright Leaves & Blue Skies collection is out. I may or may not have broken out in to an embarrassing happy dance right there in the middle of the story. Again…#noshame.

I wanted to grab up that whole collection but I thought that maybe there was such as a think as Fall-scent overkill (is there? I mean…maybe…but I don’t think so. My husband says “Yes” and I’ve conceded that maybe this is just one of those places where we have to agree to disagree).

So, I stocked up on a few Fall scents and a few other scents. I grabbed Stress Relief and Ocean (for him), Crisp Morning Air and Pumpkin Cupcake (for me) and Fall Lakeside Breeze (as a neutral that is still Fall so a WIN for me). The PocketBacs are 5 for $6 so you can mix and match all you want. Go ahead…have fun.

Use PocketBacs to help stay germ-free and healthy this Fall.

To always have one handy keep PocketBacs…

In the car

We always have at least one, but usually two, PocketBacs in the car. They are usually tucked down in the center console for those special moments when you have to check the oil, or you spill something on your hands, or you find that your hands are sticky for some unknown reason after leaving Target despite having wiped down the cart twice with wipes. 

In my purse

Again, if I was a mom I’d be that mom. There’s a reason that my handbags are so big and one of them is because I’m always carrying things like a mini first-aid kit (you never know), PocketBacs to stay clean, wipes, and a million other must-have items I don’t think I could survive a day without. Seriously.

In our desks

People always tend to get sick either from kids at daycare or in the office from co-workers so to minimize that risk I keep PocketBacs in my drawer at all times. I’ll wipe down my desk phone at least once a day (even though I don’t think anyone else uses it) and wipe my hands every time I shake hands with someone or go in to a conference room for a meeting. Better safe than sorry though, right?

Besides, it’s all about cleanliness and cleanliness is next to godliness, right? 😉