When did the arctic hit Georgia?! Y’all…it’s cold. I mean, it’s not cold by Canadian or even Northeast USA standards but by Georgia standards? It’s cold. Neither myself, my husband, or my dogs want to go outside. This is the time of year when I think all of us would be perfectly content hibernating under a warm blanket until it warms back up. 

Seriously…I’m not made for 19-degree weather. Although, I do love the snow. I don’t want to go out in it, shovel it, drive through it, or play in it, but I do love to look at it. It’s pretty (from inside my warm home with my fuzzy socks and hot coffee).

This is also the time of year when I find myself thankful that my coat has a fuzzy hood. I wear it up ALL THE TIME.


It’s cold. Very cold. ❄️ #winter #cold #atlanta #atl #blogger

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The only time I left my house all weekend was to take the dogs outside to do their business. They didn’t love it either.

Tebow, our chihuahua, basically just stood there shivering and glaring at me wondering why I was insisting on taking him outside in the frigid weather.

Wilkins, our chiweenie, seemed to love the cold weather but he hated the snow. Every time a flake hit the tip of his nose or anywhere on his face he’d growl and snap at the sky. If he stepped on snow he’d lick his paw and growl at the ground like it had done something wrong. I attempted to take video but failed miserably. It’s just not easy to wrangle two dogs and take a video.


Oh my boy! He’s not happy at all! #snow #instadog #instadogs #chiweenie

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It was basically miserable outside so I stayed inside, drank a lot of hot coffee, played a few video games, cooked and baked, and snuggled under my warm blankets with the dogs to stay toasty. 

I just don’t do cold. 🙁

I do however have new recipes to share with y’all and about a dozen books to share during my end-of-month book roundup so it was, at the very least, a productive weekend.

Let’s Talk…

How did you survive #Snowzilla?