My Favorite Horror Movies for Halloween

Gearing up for Halloween and looking to host a fright night horror movie fest? These are some of my favorite Horror movies and I bet at least a couple of them will scare you too.

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Until I met Brandon I was never a fan of watching horror movies. I didn’t get it. I mean, who in their right mind would deliberately seek out something designed only to scare you? It was crazy! Comedies were my go-to movies of choice. If I wanted something more intense I’d go for drama. Horror was never on my radar. 

Then, I fell in love with a horror movie junkie. He shared a few of his favorites with me and it didn’t take long for me to be hooked too. There was only one that gave me nightmares (Quarantine). The rest of them struck me as pretty cheesy with the lame effects and terrible dialog. Brandon totally transformed me into a horror movie addict. In fact, there have been a lot of nights when I’ve been the one to say, “Feel like watching a horror movie?”

I do wonder who I’ve become. Five years ago I would never watch a scary movie on purpose. Now, I can’t get enough of them. If you’re looking to host a Fright Night fest at your home this Halloween, these are my favorite horror movies for your festivities. 

Disclaimer: These are not family-friendly or child approved.

Halloween (the entire series)

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I know it’s obvious but I stand by the selection. I’m addicted to the Michael Myers series and I’ll watch them even if it’s not Halloween. These are basically year-round favorites for me. There is no shame in admitting this is one of my favorite collection of horror movies.

The Thing

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Brandon would strongly disagree with me here but I prefer the remake to the original John Carpenter version. I know that’s a cinematic sin because John Carpenter is like a god to movie fans but I can’t help the way I feel. It’s creeptastic and definitely killed any dreams I ever had of spending time in the arctic.

Horror movies for your Halloween fright night movie fest


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Not only is Brad Pitt still handsome AF in this movie but Kevin Spacey is super eerie. I hate his smugness throughout the entire film and the motivation behind the killings being based on the 7 Deadly Sins is awesome. I know some would argue this isn’t a “horror” movie but I stand by it in this list.

Oh, and that whole, “What’s in the box?!” scene? Classic.


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It’s perfection. It has all of the horror movie tropes yet still manages to pull off being a horror movie I won’t snark at. Sure, they drove the franchise into the ground by making so many of them but the original is a Halloween must-see for me every year.

Saw (the entire series)

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I love this movie franchise and it can not be over. It has to come back for at least one more because there are just so many things left unresolved! Even if they never do pick it back up it’s a series I beg for every year. I think Brandon’s kind of over it at this point but I still ask to watch it. He’s good until Detective Hoffman enters the films. We debate that character quite often – I love him but Brandon hates him. *sigh*

Anarchy Parlor

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This movie was an accidental discovery in 2017 and I edited this post just so I could include it in the list. It’s a low-budget horror movie and vaguely reminds me of the Hostel movies because it’s all about preying on tourists visiting a small foreign town. It’s good though! I didn’t 100% see the ending coming and I liked it.

The Houses October Built

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The Houses October Built is another one we accidentally discovered and even though it has some not-so-great reviews online, I loved it! It got so far inside my head and swore me off of haunted houses forever. The ending still leaves me terrified and bordering on nightmares.

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What are your favorite horror movies? Do you have anything I should add to my collection?

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