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If you had a piggy bank coin bank as a child raise your hand. Is your hand up? Yeah, mine too. Kids have the cutest coin banks! There are always Little Prince Pigs, Princess Pigs, Fairy Pigs, not to mention teddy bears, butterflies, and robots. No matter what your kid is in to there is a 99.9999% chance there is a coordinated coin bank. No kidding.

What I don’t understand is why adults don’t use coin banks. I know so many adults that throw their coins in a bowl, on a tray, or in some variation of a water cooler bottle or other weird container. Please, for the love of all things pretty, please stop throwing your coins into weird boring places!

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I try to shop with cash as much as possible because I go a little crazy sometimes when I use my debit card. As a result, I tend to carry a lot of coins. One of the things I’ve been shopping for lately has been two good coin banks (one for pennies, one for silver) to place in my home office. Right now I tend to keep the silver in my coin purse and pennies in a ceramic coin bank I was gifted by a co-worker a few years ago. Since I’m not in love with either option I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping and I’ve found these really cute options for adults:

Say goodbye to the piggy! These are my favorite coin banks for adults

1 – Honey Bear // 2 – White Porcelain Chihuahua // 3 – Time is Money // 4 – Classic Car // 5 – 2pc Chirp Birds

You've grown up and now you need a coin bank designed for adults. I've curated a collection just for you!

1 – Saluting Sailor // 2 – Vintage Arts & Crafts Pig // 3 – Show Jumper // 4 – Floral Piggy // 5 – Circus Elephant

Let’s Talk…

  • What do you do with your coins? Do you spend ’em or save ’em?
  • Do you use a coin bank?
  • Which one was your favorite?