How to Maximize Productivity When Working Online

Jul 18, 2015 | 18 comments

Seven. That’s the number of tabs I have open on my Chrome browser right now. Be honest, how many do you have open? If you say less than 3 I commend you but I’m having a hard time believing you. We’ve just been trained to live in a multi-tasking, always “on”, go-go-go society and it’s often hard to shut-down and focus on only one thing.

Why do I have seven open? I’m working on writing a blog post yet I have Google Analytics, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoodReads, PicMonkey, and Wayfair open. I suppose I think that while writing this post I’m also going to be studying my blog traffic, tweeting, networking, checking out new books, creating images, and shopping for my home decor at the same time? Right. And I suppose that somehow I think that I’m going to be doing all of that productively.

Did I mention I also have one dog laying at my side, one dog laying over my feet, and the TV on The Strain so my husband can get his fix of this new vampire-world show?

How to Maximize Productivity When Working Online

What do you think my productivity looks like?

If you guessed pretty crummy then you’re right.  Here are a few things you have to do if you want to boost your productivity and get stuff done.

Close Those Extra Tabs

I bet you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? It’s pretty obvious yet we never seem to do it. I get distracted by thinking, “Hmm…I wonder what my real-time Google Analytics looks like” so I pop over to take a look. I see a number pop-up in my Twitter/Notifications tab so I click over to see what’s up. I glance over to see my dog’s nail snag the corner of my rug and think, “I wonder if Wayfair has any rugs on sale” and the next thing I know I’ve spent an hour “writing” a blog post I would have had finished in 20 minutes if I would have closed those extra tabs and focused.

Work in Full-Screen

Did you know WordPress lets you write in “distraction free mode” where it opens the text editor in full-screen so you can’t see the left-side navigation menu or other stuff on the admin panel? It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever so use it to up your productivity. You should also stop working in side-by-side screens or in reduced windows so that you can see the other programs and documents you have opened. Go full-screen baby!

Take the Time to Plan

I know there are people out there who shouted at me a moment ago when I said to close those extra tabs. They were probably telling me that they can’t close PicMonkey because they need to create their blog graphics and they can’t close Twitter because they have to engage with their followers but I’m telling you right now that if you’re saying that then you’re wrong. If you took the time to plan you would have created your images before you started writing your post so it’s totally ok to close PicMonkey. You should also schedule social media time so you can focus on it instead of trying to squeeze it in while writing.

Work in a Dedicated “Work” Space

Is it just me or is this face totally distracting?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. So you can imagine how challenging it is to work from the comfort of my couch with his little face staring at me from behind my laptop monitor or from the side of my lap. It’s also mega-distracting when he reaches over and licks the top of my hand in this “stop typing and pet me” gesture. Do yourself a favor and move to a dedicated work-space (like I’m about to do) that’s free from pleading puppy eyes. A dedicated work space has a “work” vibe and work vibes help you focus on getting things crossed off your to-do list. Working from my couch only makes me want to pet my dog and curl up under my blanket.

Let’s Talk…

  • How do you up your productivity online?
  • Any great tips for getting stuff done when you’re tempted to be distracted from the overwhelming options on the web (and way cute dogs)?