Marvel Heroes Omega: The PS4 Game That Brought Me Back to Gaming

How Marvel Heroes Omega brought me back to the playstation and made me fall in love with gaming again.

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Once upon a time I was a hardcore gamer. From the original NES to the PS3, I was a gaming addict, but sometime shortly after the launch of the PS3 I lost the drive to play. I don’t know what happened or why it happened. One day I didn’t feel like playing anymore. The next thing I knew I was buying a PS4 even though I hadn’t played a console game in over a year. Looking at it now, I think it was the multi-player gaming driving me away. I’m the kind of person that wants to solo rage when I play a game. I don’t enjoy having to play co-op against other players. There is no appeal to having to be social. I don’t want to cooperate. All I want to do is play. The rise of cooperative multi-player gaming was driving me away. It sucked. I’ve been a gamer since I was 4 and suddenly I didn’t want to play anymore.

Then, this past weekend I discovered Marvel Heroes Omega.

I received a press release from a PR company I work with announcing that the game was available on PS4 after being a computer game for the last few years. It was free to download and play each player up to level 10. Once you reach level 10 you either have to buy them or wait until you’ve earned enough in-game money to unlock them. We went ahead and bought the Avengers Pack because we knew that Hulk and Captain America would likely be our go-to characters. I’m also seriously loving Kitty Pryde (which I wasn’t expecting).

Over the weekend we logged at least 15 hours of Marvel Heroes Omega on the PS4. It would have been much higher if we didn’t have family visiting for the upcoming holiday. There was absolutely a 4am coffee-fueled gaming binge but I have no regrets. This is the first game I’ve played in a long time that I’ve loved. 

Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4

Marvel Heroes Omega FAQ’s

We had a few questions when we first started playing this weekend. I thought it would a good idea to share those with you to give you an idea of the game and how it works.

Is it co-op or multi-player?

Yes…and no. If you want to play multi-player you can but you’re not required to do so. There are groups you can join the Playstation Forums. You can launch cooperative missions or team-up in private sessions but you don’t have to play that way. If you prefer to play solo then you can or you can play couch co-op which is what Brandon and I do. Both controllers must be logged into their PS Now accounts (you do not need PS Plus). When the second account is logged into the PS Now, just activate the controller (by pressing the PS button) then press X to join the game. If the second controller is activated, the bottom right corner of the screen prompts you to ‘Press X to Join’ so it’s really simple. During couch co-op, one player can drop off by pressing the pad then square.

How much does it cost to play?

This is up to you. The game is free to play and all heroes are available for free up to level 10. Once you reach level 10 you either need to purchase the character or switch to someone else. You can purchase the characters with in-game currency (if you’ve earned enough) or with your credit/debit card through Playstation wallet. I spent $59.99 on the Avengers pack so I could unlock those main characters and I spent in-game currency to unlock Psylocke and Kitty Pryde.

Is the game suitable for kids?

It’s rated T (for teen) due to cartoon violence but I would absolutely recommend it for kids probably about ages 9/10 and up. It can be a bit complex due to the controls, settings, inventory management, etc. but there’s no violence beyond what you would expect from superheroes. To me, it’s similar to the Ratchet & Clank level of violence and content. I wouldn’t have a problem with an older kid playing it. It’s just a fun game.

Now I’m back to gaming, connect with me and become my Playstation friend.

To play on Playstation (with me) you need:

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