How Many iPhone Cases Do You Have?

May 16, 2016 | 6 comments

I read this article on WSJ the other day about iPhone cases being considered fashion accessories and my first thought was, “Well, yeah, that makes sense.” I mean, for as often as we are on our phones it only makes sense to change out the case on your phone to coordinate with your style. Almost immediately after that I thought, “But wait, who is actually changing out their iPhone cases? I only change mine when it’s scratched and looking dirty.” 

iPhone cases

I haven’t changed my case since I bought my iPhone. My last phone only ever had one case. Yet, when I went shopping with my friend on Saturday my eye was suddenly noticing phone cases everywhere. SUPER cute cases. Cases that seemed to be screaming to be changed out to match your #OOTD style.

In a weird way, iPhone cases started to consume me. 

I started asking random people how many cases they had for their phone and how often they changed it. I had more than a few people look at me like I was a sleazy salesperson they were trying to get far, far away from. I just wanted to know. Do people average two cases? Three? Five? Twelve? Do women have more than men? Do tweens have more than teens? Is yet another iPhone case something that people are putting on their Christmas wish list now even though they already have ten to choose from. 

Do they change by the day? By the week? With the seasons? 

What’s the deal?

I need a new case, badly, as you can tell from the picture I shared earlier but now I’m trying to decide if I just get another standard case or if I should be all trendy and get one that I’ll only use for the summer. I already do change my iPhone background with the seasons. Right now it’s hot pink with pineapples although I love the ones that Milk Bubble Tea recently shared so I might switch that out too.

And, if you’re thinking of switching out your case I decided to curate a collection of my favorites. You know, just in case I decide to start accessorizing through it. 😉

Great collection of new iphone cases for summer! All from Target

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

So please, tell me, how many cases do you have for your phone and how often do you switch it out? I’m really curious to know. Honestly.