Why I Love Living in Atlanta (and You Should Too)

When I moved to Atlanta I wasn't sure about the city but it quickly grew on me. This is why I came to love living in Atlanta and exactly why I think you'll love living here too.

I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in July of 2014 and I consider it one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s a great city and I’ve loved every day of my life since moving here. My only real regret is that we didn’t move sooner. We did talk about moving here before we actually took the plunge and made the move. The only reason we didn’t is because we let people talk us out of it. In July, 2014 we were almost talked out of it again but by then I had secured a job and we pushed aside those negative nellies and we moved. It’s been fantastic!

Before we moved it seemed like everyone was just all too willing to bring up what they perceived as “negatives” about the area. Most of the time it was traffic, high rent, low paying jobs, and crime.

It frustrated me.

You should expect heavy traffic in a city this size. There are so many suburbs and neighborhoods it’s easy to find an affordable place to live. I’ve found salaries to be very competitive and reasonable. I haven’t had an issue with crime yet and I’m regularly in at least five different areas of the city. I’ve attended a ton of events, used the public transit, been out very late at night and been around a lot of unique characters and yet…not a single criminal offense has occurred anywhere in the general proximity. All you have to do is be reasonable and use common sense.

Let me share some of the positives about Atlanta:

The Outdoors

There is always something to do outside. This city has festivals happening all year round (nature, music, arts, crafts, film, food, books, etc). Speaking of festivals…Music Midtown 2014 was AMAZING.  A 2-day music festival in Piedmont Park featuring Run DMC, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Jack White, Eminem, etc was pretty incredible.

The Sports

We have 3 of the top 4 sports right here in the city. We attended our first Braves game (MLB) within weeks of arriving and we have tickets to see the Hawks (NBA). When season comes back we’ll definitely be attending some Falcons (NFL) games. I do miss hockey but I’ll take what they offer.

Family Entertainment

Second-largest aquarium in the world (second only to Singapore) with over 10-million gallons of water, 60 exhibits and you can swim with the whale sharks! Explore the World of Coca Cola and taste-test all of the different coke varieties. Then there’s the ferris wheel, the zoo, the parks, the museums…

The Arts

The iconic Fox Theatre (right in my neighborhood I’m proud to say) was built in 1929 and hosts over 250 shows a year. With Broadway plays, ballets, famous comedians and, of course, an annual showing of Gone with the Wind you can’t really go wrong. You can also check out the High Museum of Art, The Laughing Skull Lounge or one of the other tons of art and entertainment venues.

The Film Industry

The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, Captain America 3, Ant-Man, (the list goes on and on…) all film(ed) in Atlanta. There are constant casting calls for extras so if you want to be in the movies this is the place to be! I’ve heard it constantly referred to as the “Hollywood of the South” so if you want to be in entertainment but don’t want to live in LA (and really, who can blame you?) come to Atlanta!

The Food

I just…there isn’t enough time to tell you about the amazing food here in Atlanta. A lot of famous chefs have restaurants here in the city and no matter what you’re interested in eating you can find it here. I promise. You could eat out every day of the year and still not visit every amazing place. I have a list of places to eat in Atlanta and I’m slowly checking them off. I’ll share that list with you soon.

Travel Options

Listen, you can get anywhere. Feel like driving? You can get just about anywhere on the East Coast in less than 12 hours. I know that sounds like a long time but I’m counting the New England states. Plus, who hates a road trip? Atlanta also has the busiest airport in the country so…buy a ticket and catch a flight! Or hop on the Amtrak if you’re a train traveler (like me). There’s a train that will take you to New Orleans and one day I want to take that weekend trip.

But…you still don’t believe me?

Check out what my fellow Atlanta bloggers had to say when I asked them to tell me why they love Atlanta.

Claire – Atlanta is a great community with a lot to offer, especially as a mom. I moved here a few years ago with my husband and have established amazing friends and we are never bored as there is always something going on. As a new stay at home mom I’ve been able to really connect with other moms in the area and have found an abundance of playgroups, mommy workout classes, baby enrichment classes, mom groups, and if we have a free day we enjoy taking baby to Piedmont Park, the botanical garden, the zoo, the aquarium, or hiking on the many trails in the area.

Andrew – Atlanta is in the center of so many things, both culturally and physically. Culturally because of the availability of almost anything, from food and shopping (I often tell folks that if you can’t find it in Atlanta, it might not exist) to things to do like concerts, museums and state parks. The historical landscape of this city and region is also nearly boundless. And physically because of its proximity to five states, a diversity of ecosystems from the Appalachian mountain ranges, the piedmont, low country, bayous all the way to the Atlantic ocean. There aren’t other states in the southeast as diversified in these respects as Georgia is, and Atlanta is it’s living center. 

Denise – I have lived in Atlanta for 25 years. I worked here, got married here, raised my kids here. The complete diversity of Atlanta makes it truly unique with strong communities to support every ethnic group conceivable. And the food…. Yowza!

Lauren – We just moved back! I was raised here but after being gone for 13 years, I am happily home! I love everything from the city life to slower pace outside of the city and the abundance of shopping, dining and major events that come to town. We have small kids and I always feel like there is something for everyone whether it be a hot date night with the hubby or a fun afternoon out with kids! I also love that we are a few hours from the beach, mountains and lake for vacation getaways! 

And…if you are ever bored (which is really really unlikely) or just looking for an adventure you can check out Lauren’s Atlanta Bucket List for fun ideas!

Anything I missed about Atlanta?  What do you love about your city?

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl
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