My Living Room Inspiration Board

Apr 11, 2016 | 18 comments

Last week we met with our property manager and renewed our apartment lease for another year. We are planning to buy a home next year but right now we are committed to one more year in our apartment. We tossed around the idea of renting a house until we decide to buy but ultimately decided against it for two reasons:

  1. We are sick and tired of moving.
  2. I currently live 1.3 miles from my office and, considering Atlanta traffic, that is a huge perk for me.

After signing the lease I came home and just sort of sat for a second processing the fact that this is the first time, in 6 years, that Brandon and I have lived in the same place for longer than 11 months. It feels good to not be planning yet another move.

Once the mini-celebration of not moving was over I started looking around our apartment and I realized something. I have never really decorated our home. The walls are bare. The furniture is minimal. Everywhere you turn everything we have is just the essentials. That was our motto for a while, “Just the essentials.” It doesn’t take long, when you’re moving constantly, for you to realize how much stuff you have that you don’t need or (really) want. I can also tell you that every time we moved we ended up purging a lot of stuff until we found ourselves where we are now and that is with ‘just the essentials’. That was fine, for a while, but now that we are going on our second year here in this apartment and we are committed to buying a place in Atlanta next year I feel like our days of chronic relocation may finally truly be over. 

With that, I made a promise to myself that I’m going to focus on building our home this year. That led to me spending hours online browsing and I thought I’d share my living room vision board with you. 

Living room inspiration board

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I need to focus on a new sofa and my walls first. My walls are so bare and sad but that’s only because my husband and I can’t seem to agree on what we like. I like art with people and places whereas he tends to prefer landscapes so it looks like we may compromise on the abstract with beautiful colors. I love that art print from Minted and since I already have a stunning mirror with a rose gold frame so the pink hues blend right in. Otherwise, I’m really in to neutrals for common living spaces. 

What’s the color palette for your common living spaces? Any decorating tips to share?