Life (+ a WTH to Ryan Reynolds)

A movie review of Life (2017) featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. I'm not a sci-fi fan but I have a few words for this film.

This post contains spoilers for the movie Life (2017)

Friday night Brandon and I opted to take some time off of our current Marvel Heroes Omega obsession and go for a movie night instead. That game has essentially taken over our lives lately so a movie night seemed fabulous. I was definitely down for a night off of stressing over leveling up and and killing Hydra baddies. Brandon wanted to watch Life and while I wasn’t 100% clear on what the movie was about but I did know three things:

  1. It was a space movie about life on Mars
  2. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal were in it
  3. There was no way the story was going to go well for our guys

Here’s the trailer, in case you’re not familiar with the film:

I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi / space movies but I am a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. So you can imagine my reaction when Ryan Reynolds died about 20 minutes into the film by coughing his blood and guts up all over my screen. I definitely yelped a WTH?!! in outrage. I mean, thanks for killing off one of the two reasons I even agreed to watch this movie. They wanted to shock me and they succeeded but I’m pretty upset by it. Literally anyone else in the movie could have died and it’d have been fine by me. 

So, where did this leave me? Pretty much disconnected. Brandon was still watching the movie but I was like, “Oh look! Instagram!” It’s not an original storyline at all. How many times have we seen a space movie where an alien life form attacks the ship and kills everyone or almost everyone? About a million, right? I’ll give Life credit for being grotesque because some of the deaths were hard to watch but the story was as expected and I was left just feeling, meh. You know what, I’ll even give them credit for the ending. The last 30 seconds were pretty great but am I going to sit here and recommend that you watch a movie just based on gross death scenes and 30 seconds of cool ending? Nope. Just read the wiki and be done with it.

Of course, Brandon disagrees. He said he thought it was a “pretty good movie” and he loved the ending. There’s a fan theory (I think) out there that says this movie sets up the beginning of other Alien movies. That may be true, I can’t dispute it, but I don’t enjoy alien movies enough for it to matter.

The movie wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t anything I’m jumping on Twitter to rave about either. For your next movie night I’m sure you can find something better. Unless, of course, you enjoy space movies with disgusting death scenes. If you do, I’m sure you’ll love Life. Whatever you choose, I recommend mixing up a bowl of our favorite (and super easy) honey + rosemary popcorn (I’m sharing the recipe next week so stay tuned!)

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Ashley LaMar
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