3 Must-Haves For the Laser Show at Stone Mountain Park

May 26, 2015 | 4 comments

This past weekend my parents came in to town to visit over Memorial Day weekend (and my birthday). It had been two years since I last saw my Dad and one year since I last saw my Mom; to say I was excited to see them would definitely be an understatement. I spent all of Saturday morning on pins and needles waiting for the phone call to say they were pulling off at exit 29 as that meant they were only 0.5 miles from my apartment.

After all of the initial hugs and happy tears were over we made plans to visit Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia for the laser show and Memorial Day firework spectacular. My husband and I went out there last year and loved it. My parents were excited to see it so we packed up and headed out there.

Ashley with Parents at Stone Mountain

Ashley and Brandon at Stone Mountain

After their regular laser light show they held a moment of silence, recited the pledge of allegiance, and then set off a firework spectacular! It was fantastic although I did learn a few tips for our next visit.

Bring a Big Blanket or Chairs (I prefer a blanket)

We took two big picnic blankets (like this one) out to Stone Mountain park with us because I prefer to lay out on the blankets and look up at the show. A lot of other people there brought camping chairs to set up. I don’t like to bring chairs because it’s always a little bit of a struggle to find parking close to the laser light show lawn and, no matter where you park, there’s going to be a walk. I don’t like to walk carrying big camping chairs around so I prefer blankets. Do what suits you best but bring something to sit on because you definitely don’t want to spend the evening sitting on the dewy muddy grass.

Pack a Picnic Basket or Cooler

They sell food and drinks on the laser light show lawn but unless you love spending $5 for a bag of popcorn or $4 for a bottle of water go ahead and pack up your own drinks and snacks. I prefer picnic blankets over camping chairs so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that I prefer picnic baskets over coolers. My picnic basket has plates and cups that attach inside of it so I just toss in a few snacks and bottles of water then I’m ready to go. I also think those gingham lined baskets are much cuter than a hard plastic cooler. If you insist on a cooler then I’d recommend something like this insulated cooler picnic basket simply because it’s functional and cute. I love the print.

Bug Spray

Listen, it’s Georgia. Georgia has bugs. There are going to be little bugs and there may be mosquitoes (depending on the season) so make sure you bring a bottle of bug spray along with you. Your shoulders, arms, legs, etc will thank you for it later when you get home from the show bug-bite free!

3 Must-Haves For the Laser Show at Stone Mountain Park

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  • Have you ever attended the Stone Mountain Park laser light show?
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