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Movie Review of Kong: Skull Island

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Brandon and I wanted to see Kong: Skull Island this past weekend but we were feeling so lazy we ended up cancelling and rescheduling date night at least 4 times. It wasn’t until Saturday night about 7:30pm that we finally decided to actually go out and see it. Laziness can be a bitch especially when it hits you on the weekend. 

Brandon is a big fan of the King Kong franchise and he’s been looking forward to seeing it so I agreed to go even though I was feeling pretty “ehhhh” about the whole thing. A giant gorilla (ape?) has just never really been my thing but I do like Samuel L Jackson and Tom Hiddleston so….why not?

Plus, it gave me an excuse to dress up a little which I promptly Instagrammed because #fortheblog. I’m also finding that I’m starting to get into Instagram Stories which I didn’t think was something that would ever happen. I guess never say never, right?

Kong Skull Island date night review

We decided to go and see Kong: Skull Island at Studio Movie Grill because we planned to add dinner to the show and didn’t have the time to do them separately (since we decided to go out at the last minute). We hadn’t been to Studio Movie Grill before and let me tell you, we weren’t missing anything. It took forever for the staff to remember to bring our drinks and the food that wasn’t cold wasn’t any warmer than room temperature at best. It wasn’t bad necessarily but I’m also not going to be sitting here raving about it as a place you have to go. If you’re hungry it’ll do the trick but I’d look around for other options, that’s all I’m saying.

As for the movie, it was fab! I’m not much of a King Kong fan but I loved the movie. Tom Hiddleston was fantastic and I loved seeing him in a role that isn’t Loki; Samuel L Jackson was incredible (as always); but it was John C. Reilly that stole the film for me. He had me cracking up and loving his scenes. He was so much fun!  

Also, yeah, Kong is huge! In the old versions of King Kong I think he was about 50 – 60 feet tall but in this version Kong is about 100 feet tall which makes him absolutely gigantic. That was my one hang up about going because I was concerned that making him so unbelievably enormous would affect the film but I actually liked it so I’m calling it a win for the film.

It’s not ground-breaking but it’s a fun movie and honestly, that’s all I expected from a movie about a 100-foot gorilla. We had a good time and I’m tossing my name into the Kong fandom ring. I wasn’t a a fan of the King Kong franchise before but Kong: Skull Island changed my opinion. It’s a good movie and if you’re looking to schedule a movie-night out (and you’ve already seen Beauty and the Beast) then Kong: Skull Island is a solid choice (just watch out for Skull Crawlers). 

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  1. We’ve talked about SMG before and I’m not the biggest fan. I’ve had good experiences there and some pretty crappy ones as well! I’m glad you enjoyed the movie!

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    • Yeah, I wasn’t impressed with SMG at all. There were good points to it but overall it wasn’t that impressive. I’m interested in CineBistro though. It seems like a nicer place so maybe it will be a better experience. The movie was good though! Fun.

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