If you’ve known me for any length of time you likely know that deep inside I’m a creative writer at heart. The stories…the characters…the lives that live inside my head…it’s overwhelming sometimes. It’s always been that way. I can remember when I was about 11 spending the night with my friend Amber and forcing her to listen as I read her story after story that I’d written. They were terrible and I remember her saying they “need some tweaking” every time I finished reading one aloud but all creative writers start out with bad work. 

I started a historical fiction last year that is now sitting in my computer file archives. I started a children’s book series last year which I ultimately sold the rights to. It was a few days ago however that an idea struck me that got me really excited. I immediately grabbed my phone and started obsessively googling wanting to know just how many other fiction novels were out there about the same subject. I found…one. I was stunned and seeing how empty the market is I’m more excited than ever to write it.

It’s all I’ve talked about for the last few days. It’s swirling in my head. It’s just waiting to be put to paper. When I curled up with my puppy tonight and opened my laptop I immediately opened a blank page to begin writing…and decided to check my e-mail instead.

Cute little chiweenie

Inside my email was a new message from Unroll.me (which rolls all of your newsletter / subscription emails in to one daily email). I opened it up, saw about two dozen online sale emails, and tonight’s procrastination is born. I know I’m putting off actually beginning my novel. I know I’m delaying it out of fear, overwhelm, and intimidation. I know I’m deliberately avoiding doing something I’m passionate about because I’m scared. I also know that online shopping isn’t half bad. Some links below may be affiliate links. 😉

I spent a bit of time browsing new hats for my hat-loving husband at Fanatics.

Then I saw that Ann Taylor is having a flash sale so I had to hop over there and take a look around (who could resist?). I realized as soon as I visited their site they were having an even bigger sale than I thought so I killed an hour and bought this gorgeous knit flare dress.

ModCloth is having a big sale right now so of course I did a little online shopping there. I grabbed a necklace and this adorable alpaca mug. I don’t really need more mugs but I couldn’t resist it. It was too cute (plus, I love mugs). 

Adorable alpaca mug!

I also got an email from The Limited about their sales so naturally I gave them another hour of my time. I bought a couple pairs of pants and another jacket for spring.

I mean, I want to write my novel. In my head the entire story is right there but when it comes to putting those first words to paper I feel like… oh look! Squirrel!