Invitations for a Fall Wedding

When I was a little girl any time I dreamed of my wedding day I dreamed of having either a Fall or a Winter wedding. I thought that Fall would be beautiful because of the gorgeous changing leaves and the crisp cool (but not freezing) weather. I imagined serving spiced apple cider and hot chocolate at the reception and having a smores bar for guests. I thought about how beautiful it would be to have centerpieces of autumn bouquets in pumpkins. A Fall wedding just sounded beautiful! If Fall wasn’t an option, I dreamed of Winter. I imagined being married outside in the snow or in front of giant windows as the snow fell outside. I pictured sleigh rides,  jingle bells, and lots of pine. Ahhh…wedding dreams!

As it turned out, Brandon and I married in a small ceremony in middle of May. We had our full ceremony with family and friends on December 3rd (so yay for a Winter wedding!) but it was in Florida so the snowfall and the pine wasn’t really in the cards. We married at a beautiful bed & breakfast on the water complete with a navy and light blue aquatic theme. It wasn’t the wedding of my little girl dreams but it was certainly the wedding of my adult woman dreams. It was intimate, low-key, and focused on us. 

Still…I have a soft spot for Fall romance. I still love sharing smores and hot cider around a campfire and cuddling up under warm blankets. I also really love stalking Pinterest for pictures of Fall wedding, Fall date ideas, and Fall photo inspiration for our next couples shoot (and yes, there will be one). 

I’ve teased my husband about having two more weddings. Since we’ve already been married in the spring (May) and we’ve been married in the winter (December) we should plan one for the summer (July?) and one for Fall (October) so we  can celebrate our marriage once a season and keep that constant love celebration going. He usually looks at me like I’m crazy but I have the rest of our lives to convince him. 😉 

But, for those brides that are planning a beautiful Fall wedding (and if you share your pics online I really hope you use the hashtag #FarBeyondLove so I can see them!) here are a few of my favorite Fall wedding invitations.

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she's not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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