My Intentional Wardrobe Color Palette

Planning an intentional wardrobe color palette to keep me focused on fashion in 2017

A couple of weeks ago, as part of my Master Bedroom Redux, I was cleaning out my closet preparing for our next round of clothing donations and tossing, when I noticed a trend throughout my wardrobe. The clothing I was donated broke down into two main categories:

  • Clothing I wore regularly
  • Clothing I never wore at all

While I know that sounds pretty obvious it was what was within those two categories that really caught my eye. The clothing I wore regularly had so much in common – the same colors, same fabrics, classic styles. The clothing I never wore at all had a lot in common – the same colors, trendy styles, unique embellishment.

It became quite clear to me that I was buying colors or trends because they were current or pretty but wasting a lot of money because I was never wearing those items. It made me stop and take a long, hard, serious look at my wardrobe. I put each item under scrutiny. I considered questions like:

  • What attracted me to you?
  • Why did I buy you?
  • When have I worn you?
  • Where do I wear you?
  • How do you make me feel better about myself?

I then separated everything into 3 piles – Toss/Donate, Keep, Maybe. The ‘Maybe’ pile is a pile I’m going to put away and revisit in 6 weeks under new eyes. When that was done, I reconsidered the trends in my wardrobe and came up with new wardrobe rules for 2017. 

Embrace my winter coloring and establishing a wardrobe color palette

I have ‘winter’ coloring with light skin, dark hair, and dark eyes (there are millions of resources on this if you’re not sure about your own coloring). As such, I did some research in to which colors look best with my winter coloring and chose 9 to use to build my 2017 wardrobe. This means that I will only be purchasing items in these colors (note the super light icy blue on the far right).

My intentional wardrobe color palette

Invest in quality pieces

With my previous wardrobe I lacked focus and direction in my style; as a result I had accumulated a lot of pieces that didn’t fit well together, didn’t fit me well, and were a hodgepodge of messy items that I didn’t know how to wear. I was always staring in my closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear!”. Even though I had a lot of things to wear, I didn’t have anything that really meshed well as a whole outfit nor did I have anything that really fit me well. I would regularly find myself in a position where I was out shopping and buying things on sale just to fill up my closet and give me more options only to ultimately realize that I still didn’t have things that worked cohesively.

Now that I feel focused and I’m building a wardrobe of colors and styles I know always mesh well with each other, I feel more confident investing in quality pieces like a $150 pair of straight-leg jeans or a $100 emerald green blazer.

Curate my Pinterest fashion & style board

After I settled on my color palette I went through my fashion & style Pinterest board and deleted any pinned outfit that wasn’t in my color palette. I dumped a lot of pins! I then went through Pinterest browsing specifically for outfits in my color palette. I searched phrases like “emerald green fashion” or “navy blue and mustard yellow outfit” until I’d created a board full of outfits in my colors.

There are millions of styled looks on Pinterest that are absolutely gorgeous but if they are styles or colors that won’t work on me there isn’t any reason for me to pin them, now is there? I’m over the days of pinning things just because they are pretty. I’m far more about intentional pinning and deliberate decisions. Now, my Fashion & Style Pinterest board looks like this…

Now, whenever I go shopping I feel focused and I’m enjoying the process so much more! I no longer feel intimidated by racks and racks of clothing and styles or confused about what to match with what. I feel more mindful, more intentional, and more put together which, if you ask me, is always a great thing!

What about you? Do you adhere to a style ‘uniform’ or color palette? Have you ever thought about it? What colors do you like to wear?

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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