How I Increased my Pinterest Impressions by 200% in 30 Days

I struggled with growing my Pinterest following for a long time until I really learned how to use this one Pinterest tool. In only 30 days I increased my Pinterest impressions by over 200% and started seeing a boost in my blog traffic as well.

Can I just say, “Whoa!!!” for a minute? I’m sitting here still feeling a bit stunned over Pinterest statistics. My Pinterest account has always been a terrible traffic referral for me. I mean, I’ve been lucky in the past to hit 5% of my social traffic from Pinterest. Oddly enough, it was Facebook that always generated the most social traffic for me. I have a very invested Facebook community on my page (join us here) but Pinterest? Nah. I didn’t even waste my time on it.  I kept thinking to myself, “I don’t craft. I don’t share recipes. I don’t share fashion or style. Why would people repin my stuff? I don’t think my audience is even on Pinterest.” Ha ha ha, oh I was so wrong!

I did two things in November and I saw an enormous jump in my Pinterest traffic.

I mean, crazy enormous! In fact, I sat here stunned, just staring at my screen earlier, in shock. Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it.

Like I said, I kind of ignored Pinterest for a while. I mean, I had an account and I pinned on it but I didn’t have a strategy at all. I found myself pinning at 1am or 3am when I was lying in bed, wide awake, trying to fall asleep. Do you have any idea what the life of a pin at 3am is? I don’t either but I promise you that it isn’t good. My Pinterest traffic sucked.

Here’s a look at my social traffic from October, 2015.

How I Increased my Pinterest Impressions by 200% It’s kind of pathetic, right? Other than Facebook my social traffic is depressing. Pinterest was my #2 my social referral with 564 referrals for the month and that was after I joined a ton of Facebook Pinterest threads and link-ups.

Here’s a look at my social traffic from November, 2015

How I increased my Pinterest impressions by 200% My Facebook traffic fell off hard but I was focusing less on Facebook. I was focused much more on Pinterest and my email list so I expected it. Can we just focus on Pinterest though? From 564 visits to 1,399?! From 4.24% to 68.75%?!  Like, WHOA. Here are a few statistical screenshots, to put the results another way (using Pinterest Analytics which are basically my new favorite obsession).  Keep in mind, I started making changes at the end of October and you can clearly see the results.

Pinterest Analytics from October, 2015

Here are my Pinterest Impressions from October, 2015

My Pinterest Impressions from October 2015

Here are my Pinterest Repins from October 2015

My Pinterest repins from October 2015 Even though my stats were up from September (as is evidenced by those green statistical percentages), the stats still sucked. I was frustrated and about to give up but then, take a look at what happened in November!

Pinterest Analytics from November, 2015

Here are my Pinterest Impressions from November, 2015

Here are my Pinterest Impressions from November, 2015

Here are my Pinterest Repins from November, 2015

Pinterest repins from November 2015 Did you see that?! OMG!  The fact that my Pinterest repins went from a daily average of 12 to a daily average of 168 for a 782.61% increase says to me that I 100% absolutely did something right. (Oh, and this all happened with only 642 Pinterest folllowers so…yeah. You do not need a huge following for these two techniques to work for you.)

So, how did I do it?

I did two major things to change my Pinterest game. The second one was far more important than the first but I firmly believe that they were both necessary to my newfound Pinterest success.

I “Niched” and doubled my number of boards

In mid-October I had 17 boards. I had a board for “Blogging Tips” and I had a board for “Business and Career.” I had a board for “Social Media” and a board for “Marketing.” So it went… When I finally sat down, determined to bust out a strategy for my Pinterest account, and evaluated my presence I noticed something really disturbing. I had a lot of people following individual boards who were not following me. That sucked! What that meant was that even if I pinned stuff to multiple boards over a  course of days or weeks, most of my ‘followers’ wouldn’t know because they didn’t follow me. They only followed specific boards. It also meant that the board I had set-up for my blog (I have a designated board specifically for stuff related to A Silver Twig and you should definitely have one for you too) wasn’t being seen by most of my people because, again, they were only following a few specific boards. I took that option away from my followers. Instead of having a board of “Blogging Tips” I created multiple boards for Blogging Content, Blogging Tools and Resources, Blog Design, etc. Now, any people who are interested in following me for blogging tips are more likely to follow me so that they see more of my blog-related pins. At the very least they are following multiple blogging boards so they are more likely to see my looped pins.

Blogging Boards

I did the same thing for my Social Media board. I used to pin all of the tips I had for social media (and all social media networks) to the same board. Now, I’ve broken that board out into multiple different social media boards. There is one for general social media tips and an individual board for each network.

Social Media Boards

I repeated the process for each board that I had. I sat down with pen and paper, opened up each board, and made notes about the pins I had pinned. My plan of attack looked like this:

  • Write down the main category.
  • List potential subcategories.
  • Review pins on the board.
  • Make a hash mark under the subcategory each time I saw a related pin.

After I reviewed every pin on the board I reviewed my analysis sheet. Any subcategory that had 10 or more hash marks received it’s own board. I created a new board, and moved pins.  I went from having 17 boards to 45! Was it time consuming? Yes. Was it worth it? Abso-freakin-lutely! I started seeing results immediately. I started seeing results before I even thought about doing what came next. Take Action – Go do it! Grab a piece of paper and start breaking down your boards. How can you niche down your boards?

I found a new secret weapon in BoardBooster

Have you heard of this super special little super weapon in the world of Pinterest marketing? O.M.G. This thing is a serious game-changer! I had no idea. I knew that my habit of pinning at 1am or 3am was not helping me at all. I knew that most people were not online pinning in the wee hours of the morning like I was. I knew that if I wanted Pinterest to be effective I needed to find something to help me out.  I know that Buffer has an option that allows you to schedule pins. I had heard of Tailwind but I hadn’t checked it out yet. When I ran a quick Google search for Pinterest tools I found this baby and my Pinterest life forever changed!

My new secret weapon in Pinterest strategy

First I’m going to show you what it did for me, then I’m going to show you how I did it. Deal?  I have to warn you…it’s pretty incredible.

I saw consistent increases in the number of followers to ME, not individual boards

Pinterest Follower Growth

I was able to view performance reports by time and day

(and I was able to definitely confirm that my audience is never active between 1am and 3am)

Pinterest Time Statistics

I was able to see which boards got the most love (so I could focus my pins)

Pinterest Popular Boards

Plus tons of other reporting. The data is incredible! I mean…it’s basically epic. But right, of course, you want to know how I used it to make this amazing stuff happen, right? Naturally.

I set-up a couple of campaigns

BoardBooster has the option to create random or scheduled campaigns for your pins. This is not the same thing as ads or promoted pins. Oh no, this is way better!  Here’s how I did it: I created a secret “campaign” board on my Pinterest account and I told BoardBooster to repin those pins to multiple group boards. I set it to only 1 repin per day because I didn’t want to spam the group boards with my stuff all at once. It did ensure that each of my group boards was receiving at least one pin from me every single day. AWESOME.


I scheduled a boatload of pins

During November I had this set to pin 65 pins per day. I dropped it to 33 in December because I wanted to see the effect it has on my Pinterest traffic and stats (so far my Pinterest traffic is still way up!). Scheduling pins through BoardBooster is awesome!!!

Here’s how it works: You tell BoardBooster which of your Pinterest boards you want to schedule pins for and it automatically creates secret boards on your Pinterest account. For example: I wanted to schedule pins for my board called Far Beyond Love so BoardBooster created a secret board called – Far Beyond Love. Notice the dash in front of the board name? That’s the indicator that the board is your BoardBooster secret board. Then, you simply tell BoardBooster how many pins you want it to pin for you per day. I had some boards set to pin 10 per day (boards like Business & Strategy, Freelance Life, Work Spaces, and Blog Content Tips) since those were the ones most directly related to my blog. I had other boards (like Christian Faith and Words of Wisdom) set to pin 3 per day since they are related to who I am but not necessarily to the primary focus of Far Beyond Love. Other than pinning to my secret boards when I winding down at the end of the night I didn’t have to even think about Pinterest during the day. It was pinning all by itself!

BoardBooster Scheduler

I started looping pins

Looping! Where has this been all my pinning life?  Here’s the thing with looping – it repins your pins! The shelf life of a pin can be really long if people notice it, repin it, and keep it moving. However, if you pin like I used to pin (at 3am) it’s likely that no one really saw it and it’s hidden deep in the recesses of your boards. Looping brings it back. On BoardBooster you can tell it to repin pins that are at least a specific number of days old and is not in the most recent 10, 20, 50, etc pins on the board.  It brings them back to life!  It will also delete the original pin if you ask it to do so. I told BoardBooster to delete the original pin unless it has at least 5 comments and/or 25 repins.  You can also pause and restart looping campaigns to switch up your plan and strategy.

BoardBooster Looping

So basically…

Pinterest has become my new favorite social network and the growth to my blog has been tremendous!

Let’s Talk…

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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