Last year was our first winter in Atlanta and I made a super huge mistake. Ready? I didn’t own a coat! I actually didn’t even realize it until the first day it dropped below 35-degrees. I walked out my front door in jeans, boots, and a cute sweater/scarf combo thinking I was all set. HAHAHAHAHA I froze my butt off! I ran back inside to grab a … and that’s when I realized I didn’t have a coat. I also didn’t have gloves. I thought I was all set with my sweaters and scarves but it didn’t do any good when it was 31-degrees outside.

I just hadn’t really thought about it. I hadn’t needed them when I was living in South Florida and I just kept thinking, “I have time. I’ll buy one next week.” but then suddenly “next week” was “today” and I was out of luck. I drove to work with the heat blasting to try and defrost my frozen fingers and I was determined that after work I was going to the mall to buy a coat.  …and buy a coat I did!

Ashley in Winter Coat 2014

It didn’t look all that warm but let me tell you, that thing was toasty! I spent about $125 on it and I wore it every single day until the end of winter (and in to the early Spring, I’ll be honest).  When it started to slowly warm up again I did a horrible thing. I decided to wash my coat and I learned there’s a reason I don’t do the laundry in my house. My husband had it dry-cleaned during the Winter (whoops!) and the dryer was a horrible, terrible idea. My super warm coat? It now fits a doll.  I promised myself that I learned two very valuable lessons last winter:

  1. Buy a coat before it gets cold
  2. Do not wash the coat at home

Did I remember those two lessons? Nope. NOT AT ALL.

You see, “buy a coat” was on my to-do list all year long but I just never got around to it. Then, the other day, I walked out my front door in to 34-degree weather and immediately thought, “Oh! Crap. That’s right. I should have bought a coat.” and so off to work I went in my sweater and scarf, feeling vaguely reminded of the treacherous cold of last year and swearing that this year I was going to blog about it so I didn’t forget again.

Maybe this year I’ll buy two coats and just store one for next year? Or just buy a dozen and rotate them around.  Who knows? I have options, at least. So now, I’m sitting here writing this in one browser tab and I have a couple of other tabs open to do a little online shopping. Want to help me pick a coat? I have my eye on these…

KENSIE Faux Fur Trimmed Hood Belted Down Jacket

(Currently on sale at 40% off!) – See it here

I love this quilted faux fur belted coat! This is gorgeous and it looks so warm for winter. Absolutely adorable!

Plaid Peacoat with Faux Leather Trim

Only $39.99! What?! Right. Adorable. See it here

This is a gorgeous plaid peacoat! Very, very pretty and super affordable too.

Short Asymmetrical Coat

50% Off – Use code BFWEEK. See it here

I love this soft pink for winter. It's so feminine and beautiful. This would be great for a work coat.


Hooded Three Quarter Jacket with Contrast Trim

I love the pink trim! See it here

I love the pink trim on this coat! It's super cute.

Removable Hood Wool Blend Duffle Coat

Now 40% off and free shipping! See it here

I love toggle coats and everyone needs a great black coat for winter. This is gorgeous.

Let’s Talk…

  • Do you have a favorite? I think I’m leaning toward that white/pink Betsey Johnson coat.
  • Feel up to sharing your own laundry OOPS! stories? I can’t be the only one who has seriously shrunk a coat.