Calm Your Home with Stay Gold Candles

Stay Gold candles have quickly become my favorite way to spruce my space for the seasons. They feature wood wicks which crackle while they burn and the best scents ever for your at-home aromatherapy.You are going to love them!

The other day my husband and I had a playful disagreement over the question, “Which month is the best month of the year?” We had to take in to account the type of movies that are being watched, the type of food being eaten, the weather, the fashion, etc. I, naturally, said October because the weather is cooling down, horror movies are everywhere, Fall is full of comfort food, and the smells of autumn are simply the best! He said June for his own variety of reasons but let’s face it, he’s wrong. 😉  Although, he’s a summer guy (with a June birthday) so I understood. This year he even made me wait until the official first day of Fall before I could light a Fall candle. It was crummy to wait, but wait I did. That’s love y’all.

Fall scents are my favorite! The cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin, apple spice, evergreen pine, oh my gosh…I’m practically 100% certain that Heaven smells like October. Every Sunday I like to make a big batch of apple cider with cinnamon and nutmeg in the slow cooker just so my house smells amazing. I once lit an apple cinnamon candle at the same time but I received a harsh glare that screamed, “That’s overkill, don’t ya think?” Lol. I waited and burned it on Wednesday instead to keep the smell lingering all week long.

I picked up a couple of Fall-scented candles back in August waiting for Fall to roll in but then I heard that amazing word that my friend Autumn from the blog Stay Gold Autumn started her own candle company – Stay Gold Candles. Naturally, I’m now ordering all of my candles from her because this girl knows her candle-making!

Making soy candles with Autumn from Stay Gold Candles

Autumn has a heart of gold (see what I did there?) and it radiates through her candle business. She told me earlier today that she is about to start sponsoring adoptions through her candle sales (shop use the code of one of the families adopting and she’s donating a portion of her profits to their adoption fees). That’s amazing, isn’t it? How can you not want to support an amazing heart like hers? Obviously, that’s especially meaningful to Brandon and I as we continue down our own adoption journey. It makes me want to smother Autumn with all the hugs for helping couples out like that!

She used to work at a candle factory but when you’re working in a large environment like that you really miss out on the personal craftsmanship of the art so she did what an inspired person does and she started her own candle business.

Making candles with Stay Gold Candles

Now, when I talk about Autumn’s craftsmanship, let me explain a bit about what the means. It means that her candles are:

– Soy candles currently in gold travel tins
– Wood wicks that crackle when they burn
– Handcrafted 
– Unique and fresh fragrances that will fill a medium sized room
– Layered fragrances inspired from nature (wood, fruit, berries)
I have to say, the wood wicks are probably one of my favorite things. Hearing the candle wicks crackle in the background as your room is full of the scent of pumpkin is amazing, especially if you don’t have a fireplace or if it’s not quite cold enough to light it up.
Amazing fall candles from Stay Gold Candles.
I have to say, I can’t encourage you enough to get out there and try her candles for yourself. They smell so good! She currently has candles available in:
  •  Forest Whispers
  •  Earth Origins
  •  Enchanted Apple
  •  Ginger Lace
  •  Golden Harvest
  •  Pumpkin Breeze

You won’t regret trying them, supporting a small business, or encouraging a young entrepreneur in her passion project. Check out her candles at Stay Gold Candles.

Let’s talk…

Have you tried Stay Gold candles?  What do you think of wood wicks (I didn’t care before but now that I’ve tried them I think they are the best thing ever and I deliberately seek them out).

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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