How to Install the Genesis Framework on Your WordPress Blog

Before you buy a new theme to help you design (or redesign) your WordPress blog, you need to pick up the Genesis Framework. I only use WordPress themes designed for the Genesis Framework and it's so easy to install!

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I’m notorious for changing my blog theme (ask anyone that’s followed for longer than 6 months) but one thing that is always consistent is using themes that are designed using the Genesis Framework. The couple of times I tried using a theme that wasn’t built on the Genesis Framework I ended up in a fit of tears and furiously restoring the old site at 2am or 3am less than a week after changing. Mistakes have been made friends and I don’t want any of you to go through the same thing. 

When you buy a theme that is built on the Genesis Framework you’ll actually install the Genesis Framework to WordPress first then you’ll install your theme (called a Child Theme) over top of it. It is not difficult at all but it’s important to know because if you try to install your theme without first installing the Genesis Framework you’ll receive an error and it won’t work. Basically, the Genesis Framework is your house and your theme is all of your pretty decor. 🙂 

Yes, this means that you’ll have to buy the Genesis Framework and buy your theme separately but it’s a good investment and once you have installed the framework you won’t have to install it again even if you change themes a dozen times (like I tend to do).

Of course you can alway hire a designer to build you a custom blog design but there are thousands (or more, I don’t know) of themes out there you can choose from for your WordPress blog. A lot of the themes available for purchase are highly customizable so you can customize them to suit your own preferences and still stand apart from others that use the same theme design.

One of my favorite theme designers is Restored 316. Lauren’s themes are feminine, intuitive, and functional so you’re really getting an amazing product with her. I used her themes for years before switching to my current one which was harder to set-up but provided a home page layout I wanted. If you want a functional theme with a lot of customization options, Restored 316 is a great choice! 

Whether you go with Restored 316 or another company for your blog theme, a lot of the best are going to require that you use install the Genesis Framework first. It’s really simple and, like I said, once it’s installed you’ll never have to buy it again.

How to install the Genesis Framework

1 // Buy the Genesis Framework (obvious, right?).

2 // Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard before installing the Genesis Framework

3 // Select Themes from the Appearance menu.

Install Genesis Dashboard on WordPress

4 // Click Add New.

Click Add New to install the Genesis Framework for WordPress

5 // Click Upload Theme.

Click Upload Theme to Install the Genesis Framework on WordPress

6 // Click Choose File. Then, find the Genesis Framework on your computer and click Install Now.

Click Choose File to install the Genesis Framework to your WordPress blog.

That’s it!

Now, just activate it and repeat these steps for your child theme but remember to select the theme files instead of the Genesis Framework files in step 6. There are a lot of plugins and resources out there to help you customize Genesis and your theme to your preferences so now that it’s installed, play around with it a little bit and get to know the new foundation of your blog. If you’re looking for more blogging resources and tips, visit my resources page.

Ashley LaMar
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