How I’m Super Productive (When my Husband is Watching Football)

This past week has been crazy stressful. I’ve been under a lot of pressure at the office with a huge projects (like 15,000+ files huge) and looming deadlines. I’ve had deadlines for commitments with this blog and with my company. My dogs have been driving me insane and all week long I was just pleading for the weekend to hurry up and arrive so I could relax. Friday night did not go as planned. Saturday was just as crazy and stressful but…one really fantastic thing happened. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK arrived!

I knew I had packages at the office waiting for me (mostly dog food and a record for my husband) but when I saw the Barnes & Noble box I squealed! I couldn’t wait to tear in to it, especially since I knew that Sunday was going to be all-day football in my house. I mean, I love football but sometimes it stresses me out. You can relate, right?

This is so awesome! The new Galaxy Tab S2 Nook is awesome!

So what did I do? Since finishing one book is on my September goals and the NOOK library includes over 4 million best-selling books,  an extensive offering of comic books and graphic novels, more than 110,000 best-loved children’s books, including a selection of interactive picture books (for you parents out there), and the largest digital collection of the top 100 bestselling U.S. magazines through NOOK Newsstand I knew I was going to be curling up in my reading corner for a  bit of lost-in-fiction time and some hyper-productivity.  That’s just how I do.

I used the new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung to:

Find Decor Inspiration in a Magazine

While my husband was watching football I read through the latest edition of Better Homes & Gardens. They were featuring Fall decor tips and I desperately need them. I also noted this purple bed and I pretty much fell in love with it. He may not love a purple bed in the master bedroom but I will. It feels kind of glamorous and it’s going to look fabulous with the new dresser I bought last week.

Reading Better Homes & Gardens on my new 8-inch Nook by Samsung

Find a New Recipe for Dinner

The new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung has really cool multi-tasking options (like a multi-window feature) which allow you to run multiple apps at the same time. It also has more than enough power so you can quickly jump from books to movies to apps to the internet without a crazy delay. I left Better Homes and Gardens open but hopped online to visit Cookie & Kate (one of my favorite vegetarian bloggers) to find a little inspiration for dinner.  I found this Lentil & Couscous Stuffed Pepper recipe (which was delicious by the way) and cooked it up while I had my new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung set up on my book holder in the kitchen next to the stove.  (And can we just take a minute to check out how vibrant that display screen is? Oh yeah!)

Whoa! Check that out...finding new recipes on my favorite food bloggers thanks to the awesome new 8-inch Nook by Samsung

Read a Book

My husband had the game on (as you can see) and I had the new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung in my hand browsing through their huge library. I settled on a copy of Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs for a change of pace from the normal military / war fiction I normally read. It was a tough choice though. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook gives customers access to the expansive NOOK Store which has millions of books to choice from as well as a wide array of  games, movies, and TV shows. I was tempted to binge on a chick-flick-athon but I didn’t . I read instead. September goals, remember?

Check out the new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung on A Silver Twig

Get Work Done

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK arrives pre-loaded with Microsoft Office Solutions including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote which is one feature I love. It makes it easy to create, edit and share my documents so I don’t have to be tied to my laptop in order to do my work or communicate with my business partner. I was able to finish the copywriting draft for a client (in MS Word), update my client schedule spreadsheet (in MS Excel) and review a PowerPoint proposal (which I wholeheartedly rejected), all while seated comfortably on my couch with my puppy, not my laptop, in my lap.  Hooray for a good day!  Oh, and there’s a patented fingerprint scanner that protects your tablet’s content so double-hooray for extra security, right?

Work on Samsung Nook

Give my Husband a Look of Shock

My husband finally looked at me (after I had been unusually quiet for a few hours) and said, “What are you doing over there?” I replied with “Being productive…” which was obviously an answer he didn’t believe because he came back with, “On that thing?”  ::Cue look of shock:: as he obviously didn’t know what I was working on so I broke down a few of the highlights for him.

  • It’s Barnes & Noble and Samsung’s thinnest, lightest tablet (only 8-inches tall, less than a quarter-inch thick, and weighing only 9.3oz).
  • It’s ultra-fast
  • Pre-loaded with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Multi-tasking functionality.

So yes, I’m on a tablet, I’m working, and I’m being productive. Shut your face.


Do I love it? YES, I love it! and I know you’ll love it too.  The new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung is available now and Barnes & Noble members receive an additional 10% off. A special limited-time offer lets customers choose three free NOOK Books and three free NOOK Magazines from a selection of titles, plus a $5 starter credit and free lifetime in-store support. NOOK customers can visit their local Barnes & Noble to experience the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK firsthand, receive complimentary, personal support, speak with expert booksellers and take advantage of in-store features like free Wi-Fi and Read in Store, which allows you to read any NOOK Book for free for up to one hour per day.  Are you excited? I’m excited. Go check it out and learn how next Sunday you can boost your productivity while your husband’s on the couch watching football.


Let’s get your 8-inch NOOK by Samsung all set-up, shall we? I have a giveaway for you! NOOK gift cards are the perfect way to explore the endless reading and entertainment content available in the NOOK Store. It has millions of books and a leading selection of movies and TV shows. NOOK gift cards can be redeemed in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide, online at, and on NOOK devices. Plus, NOOK gift cards never expire and have no hidden fees.

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Let’s Talk…

  • What do you think of the new 8-inch NOOK by Samsung
  • How do you prefer to read? Have you tried a digital device? (I love them!)
Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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