How CoSchedule Increased My Productivity

Aug 15, 2015 | 13 comments

Two months ago I finally jumped on board the CoSchedule bandwagon and I bet you’re wondering why you’re just now hearing about it. You’re probably muttering, “Ashley…you’ve been using this awesome new social media tool for two months and you’re just now sharing it with us?! Why would you keep such a beautiful thing a secret???” I know…I know. I’m sorry. The thing is that CoSchedule costs money and I’m all about not spending money unless something is really (and I mean really worth it).

With so many social media scheduling options (like Buffer, TweetDeck, and HootSuite) I just wasn’t totally certain that paying for a social media scheduler was worth it so I didn’t say much about it. I waited.

How CoSchedule made me a better blogger by increasing my productivity

Now it’s been 60 days, I’ve invested time and money in to it, and it was time to either commit and tell you guys how awesome it is or cancel it and go back to free scheduling. I kept hearing, “It lets you schedule social media from within your posts!” and yeah, that’s great but it’s not $10 / month great. I’ll be honest, it also only lets you schedule Facebook and Twitter promotion. There isn’t a current option for Pinterest or Instagram. I asked about it and they said they don’t currently have access to the Pinterest API. That’s a total bummer because I’d love to be able to schedule my pins from inside my posts. Oh well, hopefully one day. I contacted Pinterest and begged for them to allow CoSchedule to integrate. Fingers crossed!

I went in to CoSchedule as a skeptic.

I only signed up because my friend Allison from The Book Wheel loved it. As my friend and my business partner at Inkstone Strategies, I trust Allison. Plus, CoSchedule lets you have about two weeks free to try it out so what’s the harm? (You can try it out here). So, how did CoSchedule convert me?

Schedule Facebook / Twitter In Post

This is the number #1 thing that people seem to tout as what’s great about CoSchedule and it is pretty great. Alone, it’s not $10/month great but it is awesome. I used to have a plugin (Revive Old Post) that would tweet old posts to bring them back to life. I liked it but the big issue was that without a lot of effort you couldn’t really tell it which posts to revive and which to leave alone. It was awkward when I’d look at my Twitter in March and see it tweeting a post about Christmas.

Once you sign-up for CoSchedule a new pane appears on your Edit Post page. That bright orange header kind of screams, “Hey! Don’t forget to schedule your social media!” You’re automatically prompted to schedule social media for the day you publish, the day after you publish, the week after publish, and the month after publish. You can also publish for custom dates so you can publish those Christmas posts to start republishing next November/December! Awesome.  

Extra bonus? You can add a photo to your tweets.

Use CoSchedule to schedule social media touts from within the post itself! A huge timesaver!

Post and Promotion Calendar

I’m fairly certain that one thing all bloggers have in common is a love of planning (or at least the desire to cultivate a love of planning). I base this belief purely off of the number of giveaways I see for planners and the number of posts I see about planning your blog posts and social media. It’s not a scientific rule.

I had the editorial calendar plugin for WordPress and I loved it. I recommended it to a lot of people. That changed once I saw the CoSchedule calendar. It shows me my posts AND my social media touts for the day. Now, I publish a post 3 – 5 times per week and I social media every day and it’s awesome to be able to open the CoSchedule calendar and see my post and social media schedules in one place.

CoSchedule is awesome! Just check out how functional this calendar is. How can you possibly blog without it?

“What’s that little blue chart icon on the published posts?” I love how observant you are my friend! That blue chart icon allows you to open up that particular post and review the details for social shares. Pretty cool, right? Yep.

I can click it and it opens up a screen that lets me see the Facebook shares, Tweets, Pins, etc. I use Shareaholic for my social shares so it definitely integrates. 🙂 The day I pulled this graphic, this particular post has 21 social shares – 10 on Facebook, 10 on Twitter, 1 on Pinterest. On Facebook there are 37 “likes” and 5 comments. It helps you track which posts are being shared and which shares are receiving engagement. Now that is awesome! Being able to get that kind of detail from my WordPress dashboard is pretty outstanding.

Is that worth paying $10 / month for CoSchedule? I was tempted.

If you don't use CoSchedule for your blog you're making a big mistake! #Blogging

Review Your Top Posts

Yes, you can do something very similar in Google Analytics but you can’t do it from inside your WordPress dashboard.

The CoSchedule Top Posts option allows you to review a list of your most frequently shared posts and schedule new promotion for them to keep the traffic booming. YES! I’ve had CoSchedule for close to 60 days so this is a breakdown of top posts from June 15th to August 10th.

It’s nice to be able to take a look at which networks are being shared to and re-evaluate your social media strategy. My post, “Why Your Crush on My Husband is Not Ok” went viral in 2014 bringing in over 1 million visitors and was shared over 250,000 times. Between June 15th and August 10th it’s been shared to Facebook 255 times but only 8 times on Twitter and 0 times on any other network.

This is a visual cue to consider adding a “Click to Tweet” phrase or creating a new pinnable graphic. It may also be time for me to re-pin the post. It’s also really interesting to me to see this trend: Posts I write about marriage and relationships are most commonly shared on Facebook Posts I write about faith are most commonly shared on Pinterest Posts I write about blogging are most commonly shared on Twitter (You’d really notice this if I showed you the full list of post but seriously…300+ posts would be crazy)


Is it cool? Hell yes it’s  cool! Is it $10 / month cool? ABSOLUTELY. Look, I hate spending money but sometimes a tool is super worth the investment.

CoSchedule is just super handy and I love the calendar and the top posts analytics. Not to mention, when you sign up you get to see one of the coolest, most authentic, thank you videos I’ve ever seen. Seriously, way to go on the video CoSchedule people! You don’t get to see the video until after your 14-day free trial though. No thank you video for the people scoping it out. You have to commit (like I did) to get that honor. So, I love CoSchedule.

I’m also curious about Edgar (but he’s $49/month and I’m not sure I’m there yet).

Let’s Chat…

  • Do you use CoSchedule? If so, what do you love most about them?
  • What do you use to schedule your social media?
  • What are your favorite blogging tools? Give me some recommendations!

(Interested in checking out CoSchedule, you can get your free trial here.)