My Favorite Charities to Support

One of the first faith-related arguments that Brandon and I ever had was about tithing. We agreed that God asks that we give 10% of our earnings to the church but we argued about what “the church” actually meant. He insisted that it meant the physical church that you attend or a local church in…

Weekend Links #7

One of the things that Brandon and I are looking forward to is traveling more often. West Virginia is relatively close to a lot of cities we’ve never been to together (NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Baltimore, etc.) and our new place is within 30 minutes of the airport so travel is definitely on our to-do list…

  • The fernbankmuseum was one of the first places we visitedhellip
  • This morning was most definitely NOT a rise  shinehellip
  • Did you know there is officially less than one monthhellip
  • Sitting down for a little Sunday night planning of thehellip
  • Outside enjoying our beautiful Sunday this morning We are soakinghellip
  • Guys!! Check out what I found today Its a journalhellip
  • Indulgences are for weekends amiright? We are spending today packinghellip
  • I have a thing for brick  iron so whenhellip